Dean’s in and Michael’s out…thereby creating an army of super monsters that don’t play by hunter’s rules. Where is he, and how can they take him out? At least one of those answers lies ahead.

Bearded Out

Absolutely loved that the episode opened on a light note. Dean harassing Sam about his facial hair development? Classic. “Some people say I look good,” Sam said. I DO! I SAY YOU LOOK GOOD! A big fat raspberry to you, Dean Winchester. My Sammy will never be anything but totally hot.

Large and In Charge

Dean can’t remember much, but he sure is happy to be…home? Sure doesn’t look like it did when he left. The newly transplanted Bunkerites, under “Chief” Sam’s guidance, have made the HuntCave into a well-oiled hunter’s hub. I’m sure Dean will be proud of all Sam has accomplished. Someday.

Family Reunion

So okay, if the writers don’t want people to ship Destiel, why did the music swell so romantically when Cas sees Dean?

I mean, Jack’s hug was adorable but Cas’ face? As he said Dean’s name? Well, let’s just say it was the equivalent of an “All Aboard.”

And, worried, Cas asks a bunch of questions that Sam can’t answer: why did Michael abandon his “sword”, why is Michael enhancing monsters, and, most important, is Dean really okay? As Dean prepares to shower and discovers two massive scars on his arm, we start to think maybe he’s not.

I Meld With You

When Dean doesn’t remember how he got the scar he allows Cas into his mind, and sees Michael’s reign of terror. It takes touching the scar to really enlighten Cas, though, as he sees Michael run through by Bad Place Kaia (aka: BPK) who still wields that gnarly spear. I’d hoped that even though the spinoff was a no go we’d still find out what happened to Alterna-Kaia and what she was doing in our world. It’s nice to know that we’re still going to stay connected to our Wayward Sisters.

Jody FRICKIN’ Mills!

I love, love, LOVE, the sweet, motherly loving look on Jody’s face when she hears Dean’s voice. I have always made my love for Jody Mills clear, and, season after season, it never wanes. When the boys want to track down BPK they discover that Jody’s working a case where some headless somethings were also speared, so it’s off to Sioux Falls for Team Free Will. (Side note: Dean’s dismissal of Jack’s assistance because he’s “barely 100 pounds soaking wet” was kind of dickish, but he ain’t wrong. Wee Jack needs more time to train before taking on someone like BPK.)

Curses! Foiled again!

Hunter Jules (I’m hoping that’s another nod to Superwiki maven Jules Wilkinson, a fandom legend) brings a sort of survivor back from a literal witchhunt, a girl named Laura, cursed by the witch with a rapid aging spell. So, once again, Cas gets left behind on clean up. I did like that Cas couldn’t just heal her with angel magic. He has to be fallible sometimes or he’ll be too powerful as a character—something I’d never accuse him of lately, much as I love him.

Broment Number One

“How can I be running from something when I’m racing towards it?” Dean asks. “I don’t know. Kinda your thing,” Sam replies. Ain’t that the truth! Dean’s reluctance to talk to Sam, and his need to dive headfirst into the job, means something happened to him while Michael was nesting. If I know this show, this moment is setting up a bigger broment at the end of the hour. And I’ll take as many as I can get.

Jode Trip

Yes, I do loves me some Jody—especially when she is hugging our boys and complimenting Sam’s beard (as Dean rolls his eyes.) And I love how normally she reacts when they come across the heads from her headless corpses on pikes. “Holy Mother…” indeed.

Turns out the heads are vamps, but their blood didn’t react to silver or dead man’s blood. Michael’s been at it again. But before they can even begin to suss anything out? BPK attacks them with her spear, knocking them down, and escaping into the woods.

My Little Runaway

Jack packs a bag and leaves a note, intending to run away, but instead he is lured inside to help Cas and Jules help Laura. He thinks she’s like Sleeping Beauty, and there is the childlike quality of Jack that I find endearing. (Also endearing? That the boys store gruesome spell components in a drawer marked “gross stuff”. Hee hee!) “Is that your dad?” Laura asks Jack, looking at Cas. “ “One of them,” he answers simply. Such sweetness, I almost can’t stand it. Jack bonds with Laura and I must say, here is the biggest problem I have with this episode: SHE’S WEARING A HUGE NECKLACE GIVEN TO HER BY THE WITCH AND NO ONE (initially) THINKS IT’S PART OF THE CURSE. The only reason I’m not calling shenanigans is that Jack is too green and Cas too…Cas…to figure it out. Sam and Dean would have sussed that out lickety split.

The Hunt for the BPK Killer

Sam, Jody and Dean hunt for BPK, and Jody lets slip what we all suspected—she is reluctant to tell Claire what’s going on because Kaia was Claire’s first love and losing her so violently made her a “powder keg.” Dean eventually overpowers BPK with a punch to the face that seems a little overboard but okay.

They tie BPK up and she confesses she is not their Kaia but she and Kaia were connected as dreamwalkers. (Also? She killed Kaia accidentally—she was aiming for Claire, which upsets Jody.) Michael is sending his enhanced monsters after her to kill her so he can have her spear—the only thing in this realm that they know of that can hurt him. BPK taunts Dean about his weakness, and he threatens to break her, reminiscent of the Dean who threatened the real Kaia with his gun. BPK tells Dean that his anger and impatience come from fear and weakness. Michael hurt them both.

Jack Be Quick

Jack’s sadness when Laura dies from her curse was a little heartbreaking—even Jules and Cas were choked up. But Jack rebounds quickly when he realizes what WE ALL KNEW ALL ALONG—the freakin’ necklace is the key. Apparently the witch corpse has a duplicate that was sucking away Laura’s life force. Smash the necklace? Break the curse. Save the girl. Cas, who should be embarrassed he didn’t think of it, is nothing but proud. (Recapper’s note: why do necklaces snap off so easily when you pull them on TV shows? I’d ask for my money back and go to a better jeweler.)

Lady and the Vamps

Three enhanced vamps come for BPK, and then threaten to eat Sam, Dean and Jody. The knock down drag out begins, and our team is on the losing side until Dean gets the great idea to set BPK free by shooting the chair she is tied to. “Now you’re in trouble!” he says, with glee. Until BPK runs away. “Or not,” he admits, and then the three of them get the snot beaten out of them (and Jody earns yet another broken bone) until BPK returns to save them like a total badass.

Or not. She killed the vamps to slow Michael down. And she leaves, spear in hand, hopefully to stay alive until our boys can convince her to help.

Broment Number Two

After a touching speech from Jody about her love for the hunters she’s raising, and how she worries about them, the boys travel home. Dean confesses that he knows he put them all in stupid danger, and, while he doesn’t remember much of Michael’s rampage he does remember every moment of feeling like he was drowning while he was possessed. It clearly hurts Sam to hear this, and it pains Dean to tell it, especially since he feels since he said yes to Michael everything that’s happening is all his fault.

Hunter Savant

Cas apologizes to Jack about not being there for him the way he should have, and lets him know with a sweet smile how proud he’s made him. Jack’s proven that he has the mind and the heart of a hunter, and Cas wants to take him on a real hunting trip.

Jack coughs, chuckling that he’s human and must be getting his first cold. Cas goes off to make him soup and Jack coughs up a bunch of blood into a tissue, tossing it into a half-filled wastebasket of the same. Jack’s got more than just a cold. And now, like Jody, I’m worried too.

So glad Jody lives to see another day. So worried about our wayward Jack. Tell me what you think in the comments, and see you next week for episode four, “Mint Condition”.

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