“So close, no matter how far, couldn’t be much more from the heart, forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters…” So sings Metallica, over the scenes of The Road So Far, leading the way into the boys’ loneliest season opener yet.

Who’s Your Daddy?

As Dean kneels over the dead Castiel, still reeling, Sam is questioned by Jack, who simply asks, “Father?” Sam tries to gently talk to him, until Dean bursts in, gun a’blazin’. Jack reacts instinctually, pinning the boys in mid-air in an awesome slo-mo shot, until they both crash into the walls and get knocked out. Jack strolls out, naked as the literal day he was born, and goes on the hunt for his dad, ending up where a lot of us end up after a rough night—at a fast food drive thru.

My Two Dads

Sam and Dean come to and take off to find Jack, totally disagreeing about how to deal with him when they do. Dean wants another shot, literally, but Sam wants to wait until they figure out what Jack is. Methinks, seeing the angels that are hot on Jack’s trail too, that they are not the only ones wondering that very thing.

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack ends up at the police station, thankfully clothed in castoffs from the lost and found (no offense, Jack, but you’re a little young for us.) Sheriff Christine Barker is trying to get him to tell her who he is (aren’t we all, Sheriff?) but since Jack is still trying to figure out how to wear shoes, he is no help at all. He says that Kelly is in heaven (and deservedly so, man) and that his father was supposed to be there to meet him but isn’t. Jack also remembers when Dagon was burned and “the universe screamed” and wow, do the Sheriff and her son think he’s stoned. He’s not, though, He’s just…hungry.

Do You Want Fries With That?

Sam tracks Jack to the fast food place, and learns of his whereabouts. He dons his FBI voice, if not the threads, and calls the Sheriff, who is stunned to learn that Jack has barcode looking fingerprints that are decidedly not human. Dean, waiting, injures his hand…somehow…and ends up listening to the ramblings of a drunk girl complaining about her selfish, destructive ex-roommate Becky. It’s all very weird and we’re grateful when Sam comes out with the deets and they race off in Baby, heading for Satan Jr.

He’s a Magic Man

Jack finds he can use his powers for good (if by “good” you mean scoring free candy from the vending machine) and says, a little adorable and kind of charming, “I like it. I like nougat.” The Sheriff sees a demo. How did he do it? Jack doesn’t know. And then he has something of a seizure, and when the Sheriff tries to touch him he slo-mo puts her through the vending machine and blasts all the lights out in the hallway. He sees Dean and makes to slo-mo him again, too, but Sam tases him before it can happen.

To Tell the Truth

Dean gives the Sheriff “the talk”. “So what are you, some kind of superhero?” she asks. YES!!! “I’m just a guy doing the job,” Dean demurs, and Jensen Ackles manages to convey Dean’s determination and defeat flawlessly, as usual. Jack comes to in a cell, turning on Sam with yellow eyes until Sam calms him down, apologizing for hurting him and asking if he is okay. “I was scared. And when I get scared things happen. I can’t stop them.” Apparently Jack is hearing voices, loud and angry, in his head (angel radio?) and he’s sorry he hurt the others. Props to Alexander Calvert, who sells Jack’s confused innocence that is still laced with menace.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Sam and Jack talk, clearing up a couple of minor mysteries while causing a lot more questions. First of all, even though Jack is only hours old, he can talk because Kelly taught him—because he “was” Kelly (creepy.) Second, his powers weren’t taught to him, he doesn’t know why things happen—“it’s like I’m me, but not me.” Third, Jack remembers opening the portal to the alternate dimension, but doesn’t commit to doing it again. Also, and here’s the humdinger, the father he is looking for? Is Castiel. The father he chose. Jack’s face when he learns Cas is dead? Is at first sad, and then he looks angry. And Calvert continues to play Jack’s emotional rollercoaster with conviction.

Jack Be Nimble

Before Sam, Dean and Jack can Impala their way out of there, drunk girl comes back. She is actually the angel Miriam and her selfish roommate Becky is actually how she feels about Dean. Whatever, halo. You’re annoying. Anyway, she holds the Sherriff’s son hostage while two other angels come for Jack. They angel out and communicate, causing Jack to collapse. Miriam stabs the Sheriff’s son and she and Dean have a knock down drag out, whilst Sam is getting his ass handed to him by another angel. Fortunately, Sam’s bloody mouth proves useful as he sigils their butts back to Heaven, leaving a weakened Jack behind.

All the Way Dead

Dean overcomes Miriam, and she confesses that they want Jack because he can do almost anything. Anything except bring Cas back, that is. Dean drags her to Jack and she manages to angel blade Jack right through the chest and…nothing happens. Like father like son, I guess. Sam offs Miriam (thank Chuck), and the boys stand in wonder, looking at a perfectly fine Jack, who is just as bewildered as they are.

Just Like a Prayer

Dean agrees that they need to bring Jack back to the Bunker to wait until he becomes the big bad, which he is sure he will because “when have things ever gone right for us?” (Sadness.) They stop at the house where Jack was born, first, to give Cas a hunter’s funeral. Sam asks why they don’t pray to Chuck for help. “You don’t think I’ve tried that?” Dean asks, and we flash back to the fast food joint, and see Jensen Ackles deliver another grade A performance as Dean demands—begs—God to give everyone back, even Crowley. How did he hurt his hand? Punching a door when all he got in return was silence. “God’s not listening,” Dean says. “He doesn’t give a damn.” And as Jack looks at his mother’s body in tears, Dean binds Cas’ vessel to prepare it for burial and it is heartbreaking. Then all three boys watch the body burn, Jack asking Sam what to say. And then it is Jared Padalecki’s turn to make us tear up as he says, “You say thank you. And you say you’re sorry….you hope there’s somewhere better. You say goodbye.” Dean says goodbye to Cas, Kelly, Crowley and Mom, because he’s sure Lucifer has killed her. “They’re all gone.” Dean says. OR ARE THEY? Because it turns out Mary is very much alive in the alterna-verse. Lucifer muses that he needs her. But for what? That’s the million dollar question.

Quite an opener, eh? I, for one, am intrigued by Jack and dying to see where it’s going. How about you? See you next week for episode two, “The Rising Sun”.

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