Take, take me home! Jack’s going to the Bunker on this week’s episode, but, as usual, it’s a long road (so far) to get there.

Rock Me, Asmodeus

There’s a new Prince of Hell in town, and he’s here to rule until Lucifer returns with his son. “The grand old days of fire and brimstone are back,” he says, destroying all but a few of Crowley’s lackeys and taking the throne. Asmodeus tells the story of when Lucifer scarred him for releasing the Shedim, the darkest monsters of Hell. So what’s his end game with Jack? Pleasing Lucifer or harnessing Jack’s power? Only time will tell.

New Kid in Town

The boys are driving back to the HuntCave, Jack asleep in the back seat. (Sam: “Do you want me to drive?” Dean: “Do I ever want you to drive?” HA!) Sam tries to get Dean to admit he’s overwhelmed, and refers to Jack as “the kid” and Dean objects. Jack, to him, is an “it” and nothing more. And he wants to end “it” as soon as possible. Sam believes Jack can be taught to be good. Dean thinks that every time they ever believed in the good of folks they’ve lived to regret it. Both ain’t wrong.

Stop Draggin’ My Mom Around

In Apocalypse World, Lucifer’s got Mary in tow. He doesn’t want to kill her, he wants to trade her for Jack. Of course, the alternaverse has other ideas. After an angel detonates near then, Mary gets away, to be almost attacked by another hunter who hasn’t seen a woman in a long time. Fortunately (?) she is saved by Lucifer, who kills the hunter and threatens Mary. Reluctantly, she joins him again, realizing there is, for now, no escape.

Nephilim See, Nephilim Do

The boys check into a well-worn motel with an old TV and Jack finds everything, even an old episode of Scooby Doo and sleeping on the couch, wonderful. Dean gives him a Bible and tells him to get to reading, and Jack, eager to please, does so. Later, eating burgers, he mimics Dean exactly, as though trying to live up to an idol. He tries for a beer and the boys let him (what’s he gonna do—act out of control and mess things up? Oh. Wait.) They talk Satan, as you do, and try to figure out how much like his dad Jack is. Jack is all sweet naivety and Sam finds him a little charming, as we all do. “It’s possible he’s more human than we thought,” Sam says. So who’s right? Sam? Dean? Or both?

Being Human

Guess who else is back, drawn to the power of Jack? Donatello, the atheist prophet of the Lord! He’s soulless, thanks to Amara, which sucks for him, but he uses the guideline of WWMRD (What Would Mr. Rogers Do?) and that helps him find his way. He says Jack has intense waves of power (“Maybe less human than we thought,” snarks Dean) but that his powers don’t seem dark or toxic, which pleases Sam. They decide Jack needs protection and want to tattoo him with the anti possession symbol and the warding to protect him from being tracked by angels (?) but first, Jack reacts to the pain by blasting the tattoo artist and then his tattoos completely heal over. He cannot be marked. Hurt. And what does that mean for Dean’s ultimate plan? It may not matter, since Jack has been spotted by a demon with a hotline to Asmodeus.

Heart to Heart

Back at the motel, Dean, Sam and Donatello argue over Jack’s potential. Donatello says that you cannot teach a lion to not be a lion. Sam says that Jack’s not a lion, he’s a human. “He’s not God, he’s not Cas, he’s not Simba, he’s the friggin’ devil!” Dean spits, and then we get the answer of whether Jack can teleport, because he does, to an alley, to get away from all the anger. Sam finds him, and gently tells him that Dean doesn’t hate him, he’s just confused because not only does he have to protect Jack, he has to protect people from Jack. Alexander Calvert does an excellent job of portraying self-doubt and loathing as he says, “Maybe I’m not worth all this.” “Your mom thought you were,” Sam tells him. “So did Cas. So do I.” And here’s hoping Sam’s faith is not misplaced.

Not for Prophet

In the morning, Sam and “Donatello” talk (turns out it’s Asmodeus in disguise.) The lore says that a nephilim becomes more powerful than the angel who sired him. (Uh oh. That ain’t good.) But Sam says that Jack’s affection for Kelly means he can be molded the right way. “Donatello” hopes so. Sam and Dean talk, too, and Sam tries to give Dean a pep talk about righting things and being strong. Dean? Ain’t havin’ none of it. And when the real Donatello comes in they realize Jack’s gone. Thankfully, Donatello can feel Jack’s power, and, after a scuffle with some demons and a BADASS angel blade throw by Dean that pierces one through the neck, they are on the hunt.

Release the Hounds

Asmodeous, as Donatello, tries to convince Jack that God wanted him to release the Shedim and take charge of his destiny. To be a hero. And Jack is so eager to please he begins to do so. The boys chase him to Jasper, Wyoming, which coincidentally has a hell gate. The Shedim begin to emerge just as Donatello and the Winchesters (whose album I would totally buy, BTW) approach, shooting Asmodeus, to no avail. Asmodeus tries to choke the good guys to death but Jack will have none of that. “You’re hurting my FRIENDS!” he snaps, going yellow eyes. Asmodeus, wisely, disappears, leaving a confused and betrayed Jack behind with the Winchesters.

He Ain’t Heavy

Lucifer and Mary bump into a pack of angels that deny his claim to fame, saying that Lucifer is dead. They attempt to smite him and Lucifer poofs them away like so much angel dust. And then? The Michael of the alternaverse lands. He does not look familiar, and he is not amused. How is it possible Lucifer is there? “Uh, you know, alternate universes, inter-dimensional travel, blah blah blah. It’s her fault,” Lucifer says, gesturing to a rolling-eyed Mary, and it’s kind of hilarious. Lucifer and Michael try to tussle it out. Michael gets the advantage, but then admits he won’t kill Lucifer. Because he needs him. Leaving us to wonder, for what?

End of the Line

Dean hopes Asmodeus is the last Kardashian in the family. Sam says that according to the lore, Asmodeus is the end of the line. Sam tries to defend Jack, saying he came through for them, but Dean says it is a reflex—a sneeze. And maybe the next sneeze kills them both. Dean heads for bed, walking in on a Jack trying to kill himself, and failing as his body heals over and over. Dean takes the knife away as Jack wonders, mournfully, who he is and how he will ever control himself. Dean tells him Sam thinks he can be saved. “You don’t believe that,” Jack says quietly. “No, I don’t,” Dean agrees, and says, if it comes to it, he will be the one to kill Jack.

I can’t help it: I love Jack. Do you? And do you agree with Sam or Dean about his bound-to-be-volatile future? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next week for episode three, “Patience”.


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