After more than a decade, Missouri Moseley reunites with the Winchesters, when a wraith develops a taste for psychic brains. While Sam stays behind to train Jack, can Dean save Missouri’s granddaughter before it’s too late?

Mother Knows Best

Sam visits Jack with his trusty laptop, giving Jack the message that Kelly left him before she died. Jack looks crushed and confused as he watches, and I’ll say it again: Alexander Calvert is doing a great job portraying Jack’s innocence amidst his clear danger. “Jack,” Kelly says earnestly, “Don’t let anyone tell you who you’re supposed to be.” She tells Jack he is not her, or his father, or fate—that he can be anyone he chooses to be. But is it a message Jack is willing to hear?

Psychic Hotline

Sam gets a call from a blast from the past—Season One’s psychic Missouri Moseley. As we saw in the opener, her red shirt psychic friend was eaten by a wraith, and she needs the boys to come and help her kill it. Sam puts Jody on the case, theorizing that they need to stay behind to supervise Jack, but Dean doesn’t want to be a stay at home dad. He leaves Sam to “Mr. Miyagi” the kid, and heads back out to work.

On the Case

“Always did love that car,” Missouri says as Dean pulls up in Baby, and man, ain’t that the truth. Dean hugs both her and Jody warmly and man, between the amazing Loretta Devine as Missouri, the awesome Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills, and the par-for-the-course excellence that is Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, even this simple scene crackles with chemistry. “Oh, honey,” Missouri says, “I’m sorry for your losses,” and Dean muses that psychics cut straight through the small talk. Missouri literally reads the room and sees the monster was a wraith, and up next? He’s going to kill her estranged son James.

The Nephilim Kid

Sam decides to train Jack, to teach him to control his gifts so he doesn’t hurt anyone else. He wants him to move a pencil with his mind. Jack tries, but can’t. He tells Sam that his powers are like blinking—breathing. They just happen. Asmoedeus forced his hand, and he doesn’t want to feel that again. Sam gives him a break, but it’s not over yet—he wants to try again. Jack looks despairingly at the pencil, wanting to please but not sure how.

Seriously, Mother Knows Best

Missouri tries to warn James that the wraith is coming, but he hangs up on her. She decides to send Dean and Jody to Georgia to pursue the wraith while she stays behind. Dean doesn’t like it, but Missouri passionately tells Dean he needs to save her family and her replies with a respectful, “Yes, ma’am.” Later, the wraith comes to kill Missouri, as we knew it would, and she looks resigned to her death. (Damn it, show? Why do you have to kill her when we just got her back?!?!?) Loretta Devine owns the scene, telling the wraith there will be no fear because she knows that she dies, but her people are going to murder his ass. “You know, this would be a lot more fun if you screamed,” says the wraith, and Missouri replies with a firm and spiteful, “Tough,” going out as strong a woman as she came in. She’ll be missed.

Have a Little Patience

We meet Missouri’s granddaughter, Patience, the psychic apple that fell from Missouri’s tree. When Dean and Jody arrive at James’ house they tell him Missouri is dead and the wraith is coming for him and Patience. Meanwhile, at Patience’s school, the wraith comes, just as he did in a dream, but she fights him off like a badass breaking off his spiky feeding tube. Dean and Jody burst onto the scene but Dean loses the wraith. They tell Patience she is wanted because she is psychic and she tries to reinforce her normality. Dean and Jody are left to basically tell her her whole world is a lie, topped off by the fact that Missouri is now gone.

The Gifted Child

Sam is reading the book “The Drama of the Gifted Child,” and who would have thought the Winchesters had parenting books in the Men of Letters library? Sam finds Jack huddled in a corner. He sadly wonders why Sam is being so nice to him, when Dean knows he’s evil. Sam gently tells him that none of this is his fault. That he knows what it’s like to be the one with the powers to fear. What it feels like to not belong and that there is a darkness inside of you. His family helped him, and now he wants to help Jack, because Jack’s not evil. And Jared Padalecki sells that speech with a quiet strength as we see that Sam is no longer the little one to be taken care of, but has grown to the role of family caretaker himself.

Family Matters

Patience and her dad have it out in front of Dean and Jody. James realizes he was wrong, and tells Patience they are going to run. Unfortunately, the wraith grabs Patience before they can. James pulls out divination gems that Missouri gave him that can track people. They find Patience and she watches in horror as the wraith kills her dad, then Jody, then Dean, one by one, and threatens to feed on her slow. Or does he? Turns out it was just a prediction. Patience uses her knowledge to warn them all how to avoid the wrath of the wraith and Dean, after a cool knock down drag out, ultimately kills the wraith, saving Patience.

Go For Normal

James thinks Patience should put her gift away—be normal. Dean agrees. The hunter life is full of pain and death, and if she gets a chance at normal she should take it. Jody, on the other hand, tells her she should listen to heart—if she wants to be something more she should be true to herself. And if she ever needs someone to talk to or somewhere to go, Jody’s door is always open.

The Great Beyond

Dean goes back to the Bunker and he and Sam argue once more about Jack’s potential while Jack listens, miserable, in the hall. Dean calls Jack a freak and it sets Sam off. “I didn’t end bad, when I was ‘the freak’,” Sam says, making air quotes, reminding Dean that despite John’s advice to kill Sam, he saved Sam instead. He wants Dean to help him save Jack. Dean is furious, shouting at Sam that all he sees in Jack is all they lost, and while Sam may want to use him to find Mom he shouldn’t pretend he cares about him. (Which of course, Sam does.) Jack, pitifully, whispers “Castiel,” and his eyes go yellow, and somewhere, in the pitch black of absolutely nothing at all, Cas wakes up when he hears his name.

Looks like Billie the reaper’s threat came true. But can Jack bring Cas back from the place that exists outside creation? Maybe we’ll find out in episode four, “The Big Empty.”

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