In All About Eve, The World Seed Vault in Norway is robbed. Hart’s team assume bio-terrorists are responsible. They are hired by Eve, the Seed Bank’s custodian, to find what was stolen and get it back.  Originally David Ramsey’s company, Hart’s evil arch-nemesis, was hired to find the seeds. He declined.

The World Seed Bank is protected by polar bears and harsh climate. You’d think they’re be high tech steel safety deposit boxes and stuff. But it’s just a low-tech OfficeMax version of Indiana Jones’ museum archives.

We’re given a false lead in the beginning, when the evil head of a pharmaceutical company asks our lovely Eve to work with him. And he asks about seed strains that will revolutionize his work. His work is opioid pain killers. And he’s made a lot of money at it. He’s very proud.

Bryan educates Santana on the art of disarming an assailant. She’s proving weak. But then she shows Bryan’s weakness by acting injured. She reminds him he has a major “Hero Complex,” that will be his downfall. (It does.) He has a difficult time remembering all the times she saved him.

How can he forget Santana and her toys?

It turns out, Eve is really named Alice – code name “Gemini”. Wow, with a clue like that, I’m surprised it took Kilroy so long to figure out her game. Alice is the real Eve’s, real-life, semi-evil, twin. Alice is going through the same issues as Bryan did last season. Because her sister, the real Eve, is dead from a painkiller overdose. The real Eve became addicted to opioids after an accident.

Why doesn’t the head of the pharmaceutical company know the real Eve is dead? Kilroy found her death all over the internet! Her dead image went viral when it happened. Do corporations not do background checks anymore?

Alice/Gemini wants to destroy the new strain of poppies grown by the pharmaceutical company and kill the company head. She hired Hart’s group to track down the thieves, when the thieves double crossed her to sell the seeds on the black market. We feel a little bad for Gemini because, just like Bryan, she lost a sister to an evil, albeit legal, drug pusher. She didn’t lie about THAT fact.

But we have a difficult time summoning sympathy for her because, before we learn her real motives, she shoots Bryan squarely in his bullet-proof, super-snazzy, blue, blazer. She then shoots him a second time to make sure he stays down. If she really wanted to slow him down, she should have shot him in the foot.

Everything is resolved when the team learns Gemini’s plans. Bryan heads to a Tasmanian poppy field to stop her from killing the drug company guy and releasing a poppy eating spore into his irrigation system. Santana thinks they should just let her kill the guy (I do too.). But if Gemini unleashes the spores, it will ultimately kill off all the opium poppies in the world, leaving the medical industry without pain killers – at least without highly addictive pain killers.

Kilroy shuts down the irrigation system with his computers, while Bryan saves the big bad drug company guy from an opium overdose. I have to point out that this entire resolution could have been easier if Hart had simply called the drug company and told the owner to cancel his meeting with Eve and locked down his facility. They already had enough evidence to put the drug executives away for life on bribery and false reports.

Gemini disappears on the wind, like the spores of an apocalyptic, worldwide, catastrophe. She finds employment at an investment firm, so we’ll probably see her again. (Seriously, Hart could make a killing just doing background checks for major corporations to save them future headaches.)

Bryan issues a stern warning to Ramsey, for having him tailed. Mills isn’t sure if the thug was meant to kill him, or Gemini.

I hope Hart takes out David and Santana takes out Gemini before the season finale.


My Favorite moments:

Laugh it Up Fuzzball

While teaching Santana how to disarm an assailant, Bryan gets a bit too cocky – laughing when Santana thinks she can use his weakness against him.

But the damsel in distress gets the last laugh.


Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Santana’s hackles go up when Kilroy launches into a biblical hyperbole. (I told you this week would get biblical. And not just with the Eve, and garden seed references. Aren’t you glad I spared the readers all the bad jokes? I even had a Tasmanian Devil one.)

Kilroy explains that the current lack of genetically diversified crops, leaves us vulnerable to a global version of the potato famine. Santana was a bit overreactive on this one. She should apologize.


Good Guy with a Bag of Fungus Spores Can Beat a Bad Guy with a Gun

I can tell Hart wants to hire Gemini. She meets again with David who tells her what he knows of this “Econ”-terrorist. He hates Gemini because she’s really good and getting too many cases he wants. Gemini once stopped an entire operation of illegal marijuana in Mexico, by killing off the specific strain of marijuana crop. She completed the mission without firing one bullet. (But what fun is that?)


Howard Hughes

We learn Kilroy has quite an impressive stash of bitcoin. He envisions himself as Batman. Hart thinks otherwise.


The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Hart’s “Rosebud” is apparently a rare Asian orchid that only blooms every five years. Kilroy manages to get her one with his ill-gotten bitcoin. I think both Santana and Hart will be cutting Kilroy some slack.

Next week the team thinks an innocent man has been framed for a Washington D.C. bombing. Tune in to see if they are right to trust this one.

Picture source: NBC & Taken

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