In Password, a bomb goes off at an office near Hart’s D.C. offices. Kilroy quickly assesses that the obvious suspect, is actually an obvious setup. Too much internet information was planted and Kilroy can see the suspect’s social media account were hacked and his identity stolen.

It turns out, greedy politicians, who want to build a publicly funded stadium, are responsible for the bombing. They want to kill a competitor’s privately funded project.

The suspect survives the bombing. With Kilroy’s help, Bryan gets the suspect, Vikrum, out before two hitmen arrive to finish him off.

Kilroy learns Vikrum’s identity was stolen from an online dating site. Several fake credit card purchases frame him for making bombs and smear his character.

The team lures out the real killers by asking for blood donations for the rare blood type of the targeted developer. The hitman who arrive at the hospital is Ramsey’s henchmen, Morris, who Bryan has promised to take out the next time he sees him. So now Christina is aware that Ramsey’s is hiring out his services as a political hitman.

Bryan has Morris covered, but lets him go, presumably to give him a fair fight. He ends up killing Morris before getting any information on who hired Ramsey. This is weak writing to have Bryan let a murderer go for a bit of macho chest beating. Bryan did promise to kill Morris the next time he saw him and the plot needed him dead. But it would be better for Bryan to kill Morris accidentally when he tries to get away. And Christina isn’t even upset with him, as she would have justifiably been. She would have been able to prove Ramsey was behind the bombing with Morris in custody.

Christina breaks into Ramsey’s office during a meeting with his potential client and announces what she knows, calling him out of a domestic terrorist. We know he’ll have to retaliate for that. This scene is weak writing for Hart’s character was well. Her character has proven to be more calculating, and less openly emotional than this. It feels like this scene was added quickly after the fact to fix a plot point or change future episodes.

Ramsey sends his men to the identity theft’s apartment to kill her. But they didn’t expect to find Vikrum and Kilroy. Kilroy tracked down the E. Lorenz hacker with a credit card receipt. E. Lorenz is a she, and she shows up, killing Ramsey’s men before they finish off Vikrum and Kilory. Kilroy convinces her that Ramsey’s planned on killing her all along, so she doesn’t kill Kilroy.

In the end, Ramsey’s flunky, Morris is framed for the bombing – claiming he was a disgruntled veteran.  Technically he was the bomber, but the politicians who hired Ramsey’s get off Scot free.

The episode spent too much time on things that added nothing to the story. Bryan and Santana work as EMT’s while they stake out the bombing, long pauses and talks at gun point, and there is an unnecessary and unresolved scene where Santana is shot while pursuing the hitmen. The episode also fell back into last season’s theme of spending too much time building the victim’s story, when we still have holes in the main characters’ stories.

Despite the flaws in the episode, here are the highlights that kept me watching!


My Favorite moments:

Little Mental R & R

Before the bombing disrupted things, the team had no assignment. So Hart buys her team some mental health time off. I present them here out of scene order because it is more effective.

Santana gets a mini spa vacation. She thinks it’s perfect.


Kilroy has the option of getting a tattoo removed or fixed.

My favorite part was poor Bryan. He’s is given tickets to his worst nightmare – a train trip to visit his parents. Hart insists he has to use it. A little mental R X R, not R & R.


Can’t Go Home Again

Bryan talks Vikrum out of contacting his parents. Vikrum can’t stand the thought of his parents thinking he’s a killer. Clearly, Bryan thinks the same of himself.

The writing is a little heavy handed, but they haven’t dealt with Bryan’s character much at all this season. Maybe that will be resolved before the season’s over in three episodes.


Weird Job

Kilroy devises a plan to catch the real bomber, by fishing with the false information that the intended target is still alive. Vikrum isn’t sure of the dynamics of his saviors.

Who knows why chumming was used instead of fishing. But why, when a blood drive was set up, did the writers not use the imagery of sharks and blood in the water? It was right there!

Kilroy is interrupted by Vikrum’s identity theft, E Lorenz. She’s so good at her job that she knows Kilroy’s real name.

She clearly keeps him held up long after she leaves.



At the “thank you” dinner, Vikrum let’s Kilroy’s real identity slip. He’ll never live that down.

Ramsey is on notice after Christina’s public display, so he’ll be coming for her. Let’s see if that story line is resolved by the end of the season and if Bryan ever goes home. Stay tuned!

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