Taken has returned with five final episodes. NBC has cancelled the show for next season and did a REALLY bad job promoting it, after burying it on Saturday nights. Their twitter account is even dead. But I finish what I start, so here’s your weekly run down. Imperium, included the much anticipated stunt driving premiere for NASCAR driver, Ryan Blaney. It was the perfect backdrop for the mother load of car ads airing for the Memorial Day weekend.

Intel revealed an arms dealer was moving inventory. Hart and team get wind of the trade from the CIA. Hart’s plan is to snuff out Niko before the arms sale happens. Niko is an ultra-bad guy who has eluded law enforcement for years. She’s been called in because the CIA doesn’t want the blood on their hands. A wrench is thrown into the plans to kill Niko, when Bryan learns the guns are going to his longtime friend Isabelle. Isabelle is now President of Equatorial Guinea and needs the guns for her country’s fight against Boko Haram. (I was wondering when the show would tackle Boko Haram. I wish it had been more hands on.)

Hart agrees to let Isabelle keep the guns for the greater good before they kill Niko. Nice of her to toss morality out the window, considering they had plans to simply assassinate a wanted gun dealer rather than let the government bring him to trial.

Bryan has to step into the deal because Niko “only speaks to his own kind.” Santana claims this is a gender issue, but I think the line was a rewrite to cover up a racial issue. Whatever was going on, a theme wasn’t fully developed here.

Another wrench is tossed into the plan for good measure, when the FBI raids the deal between Niko and Isabelle. The FBI and CIA aren’t on the same page. To complicate things even further, Kilroy’s ironclad system is being hacked. So headquarters has to shut down all systems and can’t help Bryan and Santana in the field.

Bryan and Isabelle are captured by the FBI. Hart manages to get in touch with the head of ODNI, who apparently never goes home. He’s still in his office and in a suit in the middle of the night.

The FBI helps Bryan and Santana get Niko and the guns, after a lot of explosions and a big car chase. (This portion of the show felt like the producer let his nephew use the show for his film school study of 1970’s action tv. It was a wee bit over the top.)  In the end, Bryan kills Niko. This ends up going better than planned, because Bryan kills Niko in self-defense, rather than assassinating him in front of a bunch of FBI agents. Isabelle gets her guns and goes home to fight the good fight against Boko Haram. (Give those s.o.b.s hell, Isabelle!). And Kilroy discovers his nemesis, E Lorenz, is the one hacking his system. What is she up to? Is she flirting with Kilroy? I bet she’s working for Eve.


My Favorite moments:


The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Bryan asks Kilroy to do a background check on a potential girlfriend. Kilroy already has the background check done. Bryan’s phone automatically uploads texts to the server when he steps into headquarters, so Kilroy knows he asked someone out.

Kilroy convinces Bryan he needs a life, a social media life. No one is going to go out with Bryan with absolutely no social media history. Kilroy offers to help Bryan set up a history on social media for this date. That’ll go well. By all means, Bryan, lie to another woman about your secret life.

But why the background check on the woman?  Is the whole team expected to check in on their private life after Bryan’s botched affair with Asha? Or is Bryan just a creep? And WHERE is Asha? We need resolution before the series ends!


Life’s so Simple…

I love hearing Christina Hart tell the team how simple the plan is every week. She should know better by now.

…Until it’s Not.

Bryan makes a split decision to give a small African nation a literal arsenal, for all the right reasons, of course. I also love that Hart, who would have put up a fight last season, just shrugs it off now. Sure, sure, hand over a bunch of guns to a third world country. What could go wrong?


Our Villian

This is the Greek villain, Niko. That’s all I have to say about this one.


First World Pains

When Kilroy’s server is hacked, Kilroy has to shut down all systems, leaving Santana and Bryan out in the field blind. (By the way, everyone should turn off their home routers and restart them. The Russian hacking of home routers is a real thing according to the news. That’s my special agent PSA for the week.)

A landline is ultimately set up to save the day. This is exactly why I still have a landline, true story. I really wish my car still had roll down windows too.


My Precious

Kilroy loses it a little when he can’t control the hacker in his system. He blows off steam in Santana’s room.

Kilroy tracks the hacking to a cell phone in Santana’s inventory. I wonder if he’ll get down on one knee and propose to E Lorenz with that wire band?

Next week a CIA agent’s son is kidnapped. I’m certain Bryan will get him home safe and sound. But tune in to see how smoothly it goes.

Picture source: NBC & Taken

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