Years ago, I had a difficult time getting through the original Taken movie because the subject matter was too real and terrifying to me. I have kids, sex trafficking is real and always a threat when your kids aren’t under your watchful eye. This week’s episode of Taken was no different. It terrified me to no end.

As an accountant, I used the episode’s title “ACGT”, as shorthand for “accounting”.  But ACGT is also the shorthand for the components of DNA. A hacked national health database is being used to matched organs to those who have a need – creating an inventory of unwilling spare parts for anyone with enough money.

A CIA operative’s young son is kidnapped in the middle of the night, out of his own secure bed. The agent asks Christina for help, when the local authorities assumes his son ran away.

The team discovers that a rash of recent kidnapping victims all had the same medical background. Their background was available on the dark net after a national database was hacked.

When a purchaser puts down a deposit, the clinic does a search and grab on several possible donors.

We don’t see much of the team this week. Most of the time is spent building the victim’s viewpoint and the villain’s game plan. Which makes this episode horrifying – seeing the victim awaken to an operating tray with chest spreaders, unable to move.

After tracking down the facility and breaking the targeted victim free, the clinic operator is taken down. But Bryan doesn’t get the upper hand.

To prove humanity still exists, the doctor is ultimately stopped by the father of the dying boy, who sees his son’s new lung donor is very much alive, and is not a young man who died in a motorcycle accident.


My Favorite moments:

All Wrapped Up

Our kidnapped boy is found quickly because an older kidnap victim was savvy enough to turn on the younger boys fitness tracker.

Or Not

But the writers can’t possibly let Bryan have it easy, even for one week. The quick thinking girl whose actions saved the other kids, is missing. She’s the only match for the dying son of a wealthy man. Bryan won’t let that go.


A Princess and a Prince

Bryan gets himself captured, acting as a “donor” match for an high urgency client, to gain access to the facility. The orderlies are really bad at their job of keeping people sedated. So while in a lucid state Bryan’s able to take out the orderlies and wake Elizabeth.

Santana Goes Dark

We often see Santana as a bad ass, taking care of business. But rarely do we see her with a truly dark side. She has the transplant doctor in custody to get into the transplant facility. When he tries to stab Santana with a syringe (Why would he be carrying that around?), Santana breaks the surgeon’s hand and threatens to turn him into parts.

New Recruit

The main victim this week is the perfect match for Christina’s team – she just needs some training. Despite being sedated, she made mental notes on everything. She is about to age out of the foster system.  I bet it will be easier to hide her identity, since the system has basically already forgotten her.

She’s also a quick thinker and can toss out a joke to lighten the mood after electrocuting someone. Dark humor is the most important skill a covert agent can have!




Bryan takes this case personally because Callie was an organ donor. Let’s face it Bryan takes every case personally. He doesn’t need a personal connection to save people, but the writers like torturing the entire team with their deepest fears. In the end, Bryan visits the recipient of his sister’s donation. I hope he doesn’t start a relationship with this woman. It was bad enough dating his little sister’s best friend last season. Maybe this visit will bring Bryan closure.

There are three episodes left. Next week Bryan has to save his cousin and Kilroy is blackmailed! Will Kilroy be running a background check on Callie’s recipient? Tune in to find out!

Picture source: NBC & Taken

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