This week Bryan heads home to Rhode Island when dad calls. Bryan’s wayward cousin Mitchell “Dewey – don’t call me that” Mills, has repaid a $10,000 debt and dad thinks it was by nefarious means. Carapace is the hard shell of a turtle or crustacean, like the lobsters Bryan’s cousin has been raiding from traps, and like Bryan’s outer shell. Bryan thinks he’s home just to help his cousin. But those hard shells protect all the inner squishy bits. And Bryan’s mom breaks his shell wide open.

The local police stop Mitchell Mills, who has several DUI’s and gambling debts. They steal his money and rough him up. I guess all the Mills boys have a knack for getting beaten up.

Back in Washington, Kilroy is being blackmailed by his old team. They want him to mine cryptocurrency for him and are threatening to hurt his old flame. Christina gets word of the scheme going down and asks Kilroy, who denies any knowledge. It’s a slightly weak storyline, since Hart knows who Kilroy was before.

Later, he fesses up and Hart does a very convincing job of convincing Kilroy that she’s done with him.

Bryan meanwhile, has to deal with his parents for the first time in a year. He didn’t even know his dad had hip surgery! Bryan eventually learns Mitchell found a million dollars left in a lobster trap by a bad guy. We never learn exactly who the bad guy is, but Bryan forces his cousin to go to the police. The police take the two into custody when they learn of the lobsters sold to a now-dead restaurant owner. My first question is, why didn’t Bryan immediately have identification on him to show the police?

My second question is, what’s with all the mustaches on ancillary actors this week? I’ve gotten used to Kilroy, but this is overkill.

There is a really long fight scene that starts at the police station. At least two police officers are dead. (We can’t feel too badly for that, since they were shaking people down.) Bryan is shot by the bad guy. And the bad guy takes Dewey hostage to find his cash.

The cash is at Bryan’s parents’ house. Dad threatens the killer, and get’s the butt end of a gun. Bryan shows up and gets smashed in the face before the real fighting starts. Did I mention, it was a really, really, really long fight scene? Mom is put in danger when she tries to help, and the bad guy is finally killed with a shard of glass.

I’m not sure how dad got away without a broken nose. I guess the hardened criminal, who we saw bury a guy alive and harpoon an innocent restaurant owner, decided to go easy on the old man who had his money.


My Favorite moments:

Harassment Policy

Bryan asks for some time off to visit mom and dad. Christina is proud of him. She’s happy he’s going home to deal with family. But Bryan isn’t going home to deal with family, he’s going home because he smells danger. Christina doesn’t seem to know him AT ALL.

A Mother’s Love & Guilt Trip

Bryan’s mom is so happy to see him. She has visions of Bryan settling down and having kids.

Until she learns he hasn’t gotten out of his dangerous line of work.

Christina Hart and Bryan’s mom should have lunch – two women who have Bryan twisted up in knots. One of those women would walk away unscathed. After seeing this episode, I know it wouldn’t be Christina. Bryan’s mom should be blaming dad for her son’s need to run towards danger. Dad left Bryan out in the woods as a boy and pushed him to kill a bunny! And oh yeah, taught him, “you’ve got to protect what’s yours.” Yup.


Bryan gets another heaping serving of guilt from mom as he looks around Callie’s room. Mom hasn’t moved on either.

She tells Bryan he’s the only one who thinks Callie’s death is his fault. The composition of this scene tells the story, with Bryan sitting alone.

Even after mom sits down beside him, we see Bryan reflected in the mirror by himself. Either mom is a vampire, or Bryan never gets past his guilt. Based on a three movie franchise, I’ll assume it’s the latter.

I Think the Lady Doth Use Her Skills Too Much

I think Santana has a crush.

She goes out of her way to make Kilroy happy this week. He’d really like a quantum computer to mine cyber currency for some blackmailers. So she finds a police officer’s missing gun, and trades it for some passports, and trades the passports for some contaminated pond water, and the water for photos of a security guard having dinner with his mistress. This gets her access to the quantum computer prototype he needs.

The Last Boy Scout(s)

Bryan proves to his cousin that he isn’t such a perfect Boy Scout when he hands Dewey some of the ill-gotten cash as a parting gift.

And Kilroy decides to do the right thing by telling Hart about the cyber theft, even if it means he goes down with his old partners in crime. He doesn’t want blood on his hands from money going into the Sudan. Even though we think Hart turned Kilroy away, she gets him out of it. I’m pretty sure she had this planned all along.

Next week a government official’s daughter is taken. Ramsey has Bryan zip-tied to a chair in preview photos. I assume Ramsey dies next week. With only two episodes left, I’m not holding out hope for Bryan getting closure with Asha or the for Kilroy/Santana ship setting sail.

Picture source: NBC & Taken

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