This week Taken breaks with the formulaic high road and goes full John Wick on the bad guys. A corporate raider hits a nerve with Bryan, and Mills goes all out seeking revenge for anyone ever victimized by corporate America.

An accountant who helped strip employees of their pensions, is kidnapped by a desperate laid-off factory worker, Norman. Hart is hired to get the accountant back through the kidnapping policy taken out on him. The accountant confesses details of how the corporation funneled every cent of pension money to offshore accounts. Hart’s team is paid and then taken off the case, so they have some time on their hands. Hart decides to help the kidnapper instead. Hart’s group blackmails the company head, Lester Benedict, to return the pension fund.

In under 20 minutes, we have a feel good ending. Christina Hart gets the pension funds back to Norman. But that wasn’t enough for Norm, who lost his wife in the process too. Norman poked the corporate bear with a threat. And that bear’s henchmen kill Norman.

Bryan needs to avenge Norman. This desire for revenge is exacerbated by Bryan’s guilt over his uncle, who committed suicide after a factory shutdown. When Bryan’s uncle hanged himself, Bryan had to cut his corpse down before his aunt came home. So you know this isn’t going to end well for Lester Benedict. Bryan takes way too much responsibility for his uncle’s death. I think that guilt is squarely on dad again, the same man who abandoned young Bryan in the woods and pushing him to kill that bunny.

Hart tries to make Bryan to see reason. But it’s difficult to reason with someone who thinks six months in a Mexican prison was totally worth the benefit of shooting his sister’s killer. After she finds Benedict’s accountant dead in his home, she seems less inclined to control Bryan. She still wants justice, but knows she won’t get Benedict back from Belize. She then tells Kilroy to drain Benedict’s accounts.

Mills breaks into Benedict’s compound in Belize and kills all the militia that Benedict employs. Benedict locks himself in a panic room and Bryan flushes him out with a smoke bomb.

This episode left me with these feels:

I loved this episode because my favorite genre is the Western. In every Western the good guy seeks justice, but will take revenge if pushed. It’s difficult to narrow down favorite moments this week, but here are a few.

My Favorite moments:

Bryan gets everyone fired

To get a better picture of what’s really going on this particular kidnapping, honest, naïve, Bryan thinks nothing of going straight to the source for information. But the source isn’t an upstanding citizen. He wants everything on the down low, so he immediately fires Hart’s group. The next time Bryan and Mr. Benedict meet, Bryan isn’t as polite.


Video Games

I love this scene because it reminds me of my kids, who are completely enthralled with their phone and games. But they are always listening. Hart convinces Bryan to try her methods with Benedict, but they need a face to face meeting. Kilroy pipes up asking about the car Benedict drives. He hijacks the car with his computer and joystick, interrupting the classical channel with appropriate music.

Bryan seems mildly concerned with Kilroy’s methods. It is kind of scary what Kilroy can do, but Bryan’s methods are more terrifying.


Virtual Mattresses-Ew

Kilroy figures out a quick way to launder all of Norman’s pension funds so Benedict’s group won’t find him. Kilroy jokes that he hides is own money all over the internet, like a mattress. He hides other mattress activities too. Santana finds him disturbing.


He asked nicely

Bryan arrives at Lester’s vacation home. Bryan goes right up to the front gate and asks for Benedict’s surrender over the security system. He feels no need to hide his face.


When Lester doesn’t surrender, Clive Standen takes Bryan into full Rollo berserker mode, blowing up bar-be-ques and taking out militia with a baseball bat.

He takes out every guard on the grounds.

Throwing the lead henchman out the second story window wasn’t enough for Mills, Bryan finishes him off in the swimming pool.

I was left waiting for this scene!


Don’t Interrupt Me

Bryan hasn’t made up his mind on what to do with Lester. He tells the corporate head about Norman’s life. Lester has the gall to interrupt Bryan and tell him he didn’t pull the trigger on Norman, passing on any responsibility in Norm’s death. That doesn’t go well. I know this look. My husband gets this look when I’m bat crap crazy and he tries reasoning with me.


Good Luck

Bryan decides to not kill Lester, like he did Mejia. That’s too easy. Instead he tells Lester he no longer has any money. Hart has emptied all his accounts. The money given to the mercenaries was taken back too. Instead of facing the approaching mercenaries and a life with no money, Lester shoots himself.  See Christina, this wasn’t anything like Mexico.

Next week, Hart’s team intercepts the President’s “football” during a National Security crisis.

Picture source: NBC & Taken

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