Taken has had a rough time of it this season. It was given the Friday night death slot on NBC, earning it lower than usual ratings from the start.  They’ve had, in my opinion, inconsistent writing and editing, as if some executive decided to use this show as training ground for newbies to the field. And can you believe, even though the show is filmed in Canada, their dedicated market of home grown fans has been shut out of viewing this season!

Despite everything going against it in Season Two, it has had some solid episodes that stand up against any major action film. This week’s episode is one of those.

Hart goes into Russia to track down the colleague who betrayed her twenty years prior. That woman knows how to hold a grudge. Bryan freaks out when he finds out she’s gone in alone.

The acting and action are great and there’s lots of liquor, which is always fun. And bonus, most of the action takes place on a train – always a thrilling turn!

If you like the escapism of the action genre, you should be watching this Friday or set your DVR. The episode is focused and smart. The writing is great. The editing works. And the chemistry between characters is heating up. You’ll see Jennifer Beals looking as good as she did in Flash Dance. (It’s criminal how good she looks, really.)

Taken Strelochnik airs on NBC Friday at 9 pm EST!

Photo Credit : Panagiotis Pantazidis/NBC

Leslie Gayle

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