I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this show. It’s finally consistent and turning into something great, as is evidenced by my lack of snark about story line this week. (While others are going on about the steering wheel faux pas in the London ambulance, I’m ignoring it. I didn’t notice because I was thoroughly enjoying myself.) This week has a solid, straight forward, balls out, script.

And bonus for Supernatural fans, David Haydn-Jones stars as Peter Darien, a professional wanker.  Peter Darien is a South African jerk wad, who thinks being able to quote other people’s work (without putting any moral thought behind the quotes), makes you better than everyone else. He’s a journalist already indicted in America for releasing the identities of assets working with the government. Many people, including an innocent family have been killed as a result of his actions. The UK hates him too, but he’s managed to secure sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The whole team goes into the field this week, a nice change from Kilroy being chained to a desk – literally. The U.S. can’t approve kidnapping someone on embassy grounds. so Hart and Mills go in as French journalists. The plan is to stage Peter’s heart attack, and cart him away to waiting ambulance and then FBI private escort to American prison. Once Hart’s crew arrives to retrieve Peter, backup karma comes in for a swing at the smug journalist. Chechen extremists raid the embassy looking for Darien. His methods killed one of their own.

Things are complicated because Bryan couldn’t bring weapons into the embassy. This was supposed to be an easy assignment, right? Don’t worry, Bryan is his own weapon.

Peter has his doubts about Mills’ skills.

Bryan takes the first string of henchmen out with a pair of scissors. They’re not even sharp fabric scissors – dull knives do more irreparable damage than sharp ones! Not that that matters, they’re all dead.


After killing several of the terrorists, Mills still can’t get Darien out without threat to hostages. The journalist pretends to give himself up. (We all know damn well he isn’t doing it out of the goodness of his heart for the hostages.) Bryan stalls with hostage negotiations. I’m sure he really doesn’t care if Peter takes a bullet, but Hart promised their informant that he wouldn’t be hurt.



Luckily Hart dosed the extremist leader with the faux-heart attack drug (meant for Darien) and he goes down long enough to get people out. But the terrorist doesn’t stay down long, so Bryan has to shoot him. That was a shame, we didn’t hate the Chechen as much as Peter. He was just looking for his own breed of justice. Heck, last week Hart acted just like him! Justice is a fickle lady.

To avoid an international incident, Hart leaves the embassy as local authorities arrive. Bryan escorts the journalist out, but our villainwon’t leave embassy grounds despite a bullet wound. He has lots of enemies in England who would ship him across the pond. Peter gives Bryan a zip drive with all his information on it. It’s not because he sees the error of his way, but because he wants to avoid bad publicity. At least he was honest. This final narcissistic act pushes Bryan too far.

Verum Nocet – the truth hurts, Bryan smashes up the journalist and carries him to the ambulance and the awaiting American judicial system.


My Favorite moments (It was hard to narrow them down this week!): 

All About the Bass

Critics’ choice award goes to the writer who came up with the idea to spoof Hart while showing off the dubbing technology used to literally put words in people’s mouth. That is going to prove dangerous one day. Kilroy uses old testimony of Christina to record her vocalizations and has her repeating Commodores and Meghan Trainor lyrics.

When Santana asks why Kilroy is fixated on lyrics about big woman, he responds…

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. She digs him.


 Parlez Vous 8th Grade Spanish?

The rough plan has Hart and Bryan impersonating French journalists. Does Bryan speak French?

Hart isn’t worried. Bryan’s just along to do the heavy lifting. No one expects him to actually talk, or in the case of Darien, think.


Transcending the Language Barrier

Bryan and Christina disagree on how this case should go down. And they are so melding as a team now, they have their arguments without words.


Vanity of Vanities (We Can All Quote the Bible Too, Peter)

Peter thinks himself superior, quoting the Bible (which Hart cited chapter and verse) and referencing some obscure French poet to make Bryan look bad. Mills doesn’t respond, so as to not give his lack of French away. (Easter Egg for this holiday weekend: the mentioned philosopher was awarded the Croix de Guerre. The associated society for which, is where Hart’s team is headquartered. Yes, I pay way too much attention to details.)


Bryan’s Own Brand of Torture

The flippant journalist really can’t see the reality of his situation. With a lobby full of armed terrorist, two of whom Bryan just killed single-handed, Peter is still worried about Hart and Mills. They could have made it easy on themselves and handed him over to the terrorists.

But since Bryan does have to save the guy, he has a little fun with him.

Bryan kept his promise to Peter’s assistant. He didn’t hurt Peter. He just put him in the line of fire. The baby gets shot, and Bryan has to cauterize his wound. He sterilizes his own hands with some fancy whiskey. That had to hurt – Peter anyway.

That’s it for this week. Next week Bryan goes up against a woman named Eve, and no one seems to know anything about her. I bet it’ll be biblical!


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