Warning: Contains Spoilers from Vikings Season 4.

November 29 at 9pm is the time to put down your axe, grab your drinking horn, and kick back, because Vikings returns to History Channel! If you haven’t caught up on Seasons One through Four, you can binge watch for free with Amazon Prime video over the long Thanksgiving weekend. If you’ve never seen the show, you need to watch. It has something for everyone!

Ragnar is dead. Fans have to chose another side. Many fan don’t want to accept this. There is so much fan disbelief that History Vikings released this statement:

Is it any wonder why we love this show? I’m personally hitching my horse to Ivar’s chariot now. What else can fans expect in Season 5? Here are five essential elements we will definitely see in Season 5!


Kudos to the hair and makeup departments as always. Even Ivar has fancy braids in his short hair now. And Lagertha’s stylings are more elaborate than ever!


Ragnar’s sons have avenged their father’s death. Rivalries were already straining the brothers, with Ivar pushing Bjorn for leadership. And then, oops, Ivar accidentally/deliberately killed Siguard.

Ivar wants the entire Christian world to burn, and revenge for his mother’s death. Will Bjorn still be in the Mediterranean when Ivar attacks Lagertha? Will Ubbe or Hvitserk avenge Siguard’s death? And will Ubbe continue sharing his wife with Hvitserk? There is little chance Floki can hold the boys together. He has already said he’s leaving.



You can’t win a battle without spilling a little blood. There will be far more bloodshed this season! We’ve seen blood eagles, castration and, Vikings impaled on a big spikey wheel. Will Hirst invent even grosser ways to die this season? I think the real question is whether American censors will let us see the gore.


Bishop Heahmund was introduced in the last minutes of Season 4. Will he prove a worthy foe? We already know he is no saint, after he “consoled” a widow in bed, immediately following her husband’s last rites. With King Ecbert and King Aelle dead, and Rollo kowtowing to his wifey in Normandy, we need a new antagonist, worthy of larger, more barbaric, Viking hordes.


All of the above will converge in a perfect storm of countless battles this season. Ivar has proven a tactical genius. Will he continue to pound England? In addition to Ragnar’s sons coveting Kattegat, King Herald wants Kattegat for himself. How many more will die between these Viking factions? And what foes with Bjorn fight in the Mediterranean? Tune in next week to find out!

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Here is History’s teaser for the new Season.


Photo Source: History Vikings

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