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Sweatpants & TV | The Good Place is coming back!

By Lesley Gayle

“The Good Place” is already in its second season on NBC. It returns January 4, 2018. I didn’t start doing recaps after the first episode because I really didn’t want to like the show. I loved it every week, despite myself.

I also didn’t know where the story could go at the end of Season One. But the show has been renewed for a third season, so fork it, I’m starting recaps! The concept is completely original and the writing is intelligent – a rarity these days.

Here’s a quick recap of the show to this point. If you haven’t watched, you can catch up at

In Season One, Eleanor dies and in a case of mistaken identity goes to The Good Place. But she knows she shouldn’t be there. To avoid being found out and being sent to The Bad Place, she tries to learn to be good. After being miserable for months, the characters all learn that they are actually in a new type of bad place, where humans torture themselves. Things start falling apart for the demon who designed this bad place, played by Ted Danson. His victims figure out the plan. Afraid of it all being destroyed, everyone offers to help keep this bad place afloat, since no one wants to be truly tortured in hell.

Here are a few favorite Universal Truths from Season Two so far.

Favorite Universal Truths:

The Good Place meme

The Good Place meme

The Good Place meme

The Good Place meme

The Good Place meme

The Good Place meme

Tune in to “The Good Place” on Tuesdays on NBC starting back in January!

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