This week on The Good Place, the humans make it out of the Bad Place and are tested by the judge. All four agree they all need to all pass their respective tests, in order for any of them to go to the Real Good Place. Eleanor is the only human to pass her test, but she doesn’t let anyone know. And Michael manages to get past the torture of the Bad Place with Janet’s help. Oh, and the judge really likes her burrito.

Here are my favorite Universal Truths

On the American Obsession with the Way the English Say Aluminum

The Good Place meme


On Putting Faith in Your Fellow Man

The Good Place meme


On Adding Words to Urban Dictionary

The Good Place meme


On the Origins of Hot Sauce

The Good Place meme


On Really Not Wanting to Know What Everyone Thinks of You

The Good Place meme


You’re Dead Anyway, so Who Cares What Your Parents Think

The Good Place meme

Will Michael find a loophole for a new trial? Find out next week in the Season Finale of The Good Place!


Picture source: NBC

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