In the season finale, Michael gives a compelling argument to the judge, that humans can change. He claims millions of souls have been wrongly condemned to damnation. Janet admits she loves Jason. And Chidi admits he loves Eleanor. Instead of sending everyone to separate Medium Places until Michael can find a loophole into the Good Place, the humans are each sent back to the moment before their death to prove they can be good people for not reason.

Here are my favorite Meme-able Universal Truths

On Love & Complicated Garbage Disposals


On Honest Reactions (About Damn Time)


On Near Death & Clarity


When Social Media Friends Know You Too Well


On Why You’ll Always Look Like a Jerk When Shaming a Vegetarian

On the Time Suck of Being Good

On the Real Reason Beauty Queens Want to End World Hunger

On Ted Danson, the Universe’s Bartender (He’s Had Lots of Practice.)

The only new life we see is Eleanor’s first year. What will everyone else’s new life be like? Will we learn why Chidi was sent to the bad place?

Tune in next season to find out!

Picture source: NBC & The Good Place

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