On this week’s The Good Place, upper management decides the experiment with the fake Good Place is going so well that they want to put Michael in charge of an expansion. But first they’ll shut down the experimental version of the fake Good Place, scoop out the humans’ brains to study, then bat their brains around like volleyballs in a stadium to torture them for the rest of eternity.

Eleanor thinks they should trust Michael and take a leap of faith. Everyone else thinks Michael has betrayed them for the promotion. During a party for the demons to celebrate and tear apart the fake good place, the humans decipher Michael’s clues to trick all the demons into believing they escaped to the Medium Place. The demons go back to the bad place, leaving the fake Good Place still intact. Oh, and Mindy in the Medium Place, finally got her suitcase full of cocaine.

Here are my favorite Universal Truths

The Usual Suspects

Turning over a New Leaf

The Downfall of Humanity

Leap of Faith

Don’t Text & Drive

Will the humans avoid eternal torture? Will Eleanor and Chidi rekindle their love? Will Janet and Jason rekindle their love? Tune in next week to find out!

Picture source: NBC

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