On this week’s The Good Place, Michael invents a hot air balloon to take the humans to the real Good Place, ala The Wizard of Oz. Chidi can’t get on the hot air balloon, since he isn’t the best version of himself. After several philosophical tweeks, Chidi can get in the balloon, but Eleanor can’t. Then Tahani can’t get on the balloon out of selfishness. Then Michael confesses he made up the balloon. There’s no way to get to the real Good Place without going through the real Bad Place to a portal to see a judge.

After drinking heavily to deal with this problem, Tahani decides they have to go to the Bad Place and wag their finger at the judge. So they board the train and head to the Bad Place.

Favorite Weekly Universal Truths

Our High School self


Love is a…blob?

Benefits of Being an Adult

The Downfall of Humanity

Will the humans avoid eternal torture? Will Eleanor and Chidi rekindle their love? Will Janet and Jason rekindle their love? Tune in next week to find out!

Picture source: NBC & The Good Place

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