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Sweatpants & TV | The Good Place, Season 2, Episode 9: “Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent”

By Lesley Gayle

On this week’s The Good Place, the humans take on new personas to masquerade in the Bad Place as demons. They plan on getting through the portal in the Bad Place to meet the judge who may let them into the Good Place. They are discovered at a party held for Michael in The Museum of Human Misery. The museum includes famous examples of bad behavior and the torture the people received.

With the demons on their tail, Michael gets all the humans to the portal and through. In the end only Eleanor or Michael can take the last spot through the portal. Michael figures out the trolley problem, and sacrifices himself to send Eleanor through the portal.

Here are my favorite Universal Truths

I’ve Got 99 Problems & a Molotov Cocktail is the Least of Them

The Good Place Recap 2x9

The Merits of Cursing

The Good Place Recap 2x9

The Humanity of Passive Aggressiveness

The Good Place Recap 2x9

Well Actually,

The Good Place Recap 2x9

When Vacation becomes Its own Torture

The Good Place Recap 2x9

The Merits of Lying to Johnny Depp

The Good Place Recap 2x9

Will the humans meet the judge? Will Michael be retired by the demons in the Bad Place? And did this scene give anyone else “Angel & Buffy” vibes?

The Good Place Recap 2x9

Tune in next week to find out!

Picture source: NBC & The Good Place

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