In the aftermath of the attack on the Sanctuary, Rick and his allies prepare for a final showdown to win it all. Maggie is faced with a tough choice regarding the prisoners Jesus has brought to the Hilltop, and Michonne and Rosita set off to see the Sanctuary for themselves.

You’ve Got Mail

It’s snail mail day! In the opening sequence, the leaders of the various communities are reading handwritten letters from each other that detail the events of the last couple of days. They learn of victories and deaths, and Rick tells everyone that the plan is indeed working. He reminds them of the many sacrifices that have brought them to this point, beginning with Sasha, and how close they are to winning. He says he’s on his way to the execute the next step in the plan.

Dumpster Goths

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Jadis


Open on Jadis, making a junk-wire sculpture of a dog. Because OF COURSE. Naked art actually totally makes sense to me. Why not? The world has gone to shit. Why wouldn’t you be doing whatever you felt like, including avant garde sculpture sans clothing? My questions is how long after the walker outbreak did it take for all the grammar to go away? Like, one day a segment of the population just starts dressing in Hot Topic castoffs and eschewing articles and modifiers and stuff. Anyway, Rick has come with Polaroids to show them that the Saviors have been defeated. Will the Scavengers join his coalition of the willing? Jadis, naturally, is skeptical since the last time they saw each other, the Scavengers were busy fucking everyone over and also she shot Rick. A little bit. Rick says that’s bygones. He’s offering them a chance to be part of the new world. Jadis thinks it over and then refuses.

Turnip Communion & WWGD

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Saviors Hilltop turnips

Back at the Hilltop, outside the fence, Jesus is distributing food to the captive Saviors. I wonder if the actors actually ate those raw turnips? Maggie is not thrilled with his generosity. Those are their food stores, and if times get hard, they will need them. Gregory, of course, needs to chime in, because he thinks everyone is entitled to his opinion. He keeps calling Maggie “Margaret” which feels very priggish and presumptuous. He tells Maggie it’s okay to kill the prisoners – thus answering the question “What would Gregory do?” Jesus strenuously disagrees. Maggie is concerned with protecting her people. Jesus wants to ensure that the future they have is one that was worth the price they have paid.

Sad Thelma & Louise

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Michonne Rosita

Rosita and Michonne want to see the Sanctuary, even though neither of them is in good shape. As they are driving along, they suddenly hear…opera music? They decide to investigate and discover a Savior weapons cache in a warehouse. The Saviors are talking about “the fat lady” which is obviously a big gun. Michonne inadvertently makes a noise, and the Saviors realize there are intruders. In the ensuing fight, the male Savior, when confronted by Rosita holding a rocket launcher, says condescendingly, “Baby girl, you’re not gonna use that thing.” She does. And every woman who has ever been called an annoying nickname or been told to smile more rose up in her seat with glee. It looks like the lady Savior is about to escape with in a truck full of speakers, but then BAM! Daryl and Tara crash into her in a big truck. The speakers, Michonne tells them, were to try and distract the walker herd. Daryl says they have a lot more work to do.

The Temptation of Jesus

A Savior tries to get Jesus to feel empathy, probably emboldened by the turnips. He was just a fence-builder, he was just trying to survive. He never paid attention to who was in charge, now here they are. Jesus would like him to stop trying to relate. They are not the same. The Savior disagrees.

Carl & Siddiq’s Excellent Adventure

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Chandler Riggs Carl Siddiq

Carl finds Siddiq in the woods and apologizes for his dad (DADS, amirite?). He offers Siddiq some food and water. He tells Siddiq he is part of a community and asks him the questions. Siddiq knows exactly how many walkers he’s killed, which impresses Carl. Carl wants to know why Siddiq is trapping and killing walkers, and Siddiq tells him it’s because his mother believed it would free their souls. So then, the boys decide to engage in some soul-freeing in honor of Siddiq’s mom. You know that rule about never waking a sleeping baby? Maybe there should be one about never engaging with a walker if you don’t have to. Because they almost end up as walker chow and that was really dumb.

Sheep & Wolves

Gregory takes it upon himself to advise Maggie. The Saviors are a threat and Maggie should feel no guilt about disposing of them. Maggie reacts the way I do when someone I hate tells me I should do something I was maybe planning on doing anyway. Because, whatever, no one asked you! But she does think about it. Ultimately, she decides to allow the Saviors inside the walls, but they will still be prisoners. She also has Gregory imprisoned, because if we’re talking about sheep and wolves, it’s pretty clear which one he is. Gregory blubbers. Jesus later tells Maggie that he thinks she has done the right thing, but Maggie stops him, saying the prisoners are bargaining chips. They are alive because they might be useful, but if it turns out that they aren’t they’ll have to be killed. Outside, Jared, the long-haired dickhead Savior, is quietly trying to saw through his bonds with a rock. Dean, the empathy-seeking Savior, knocks it out of his hands, saying that he isn’t going to let Jared get them all killed. Jared scoffs. The Hilltoppers won’t kill them, he thinks. In fact, he’s convinced that if they play their cards right, the Hilltop will be theirs.

Aaron, after hearing Maggie’s assessment, is about to leave the Hilltop when Enid runs out after him. He says he’s going to make sure that they win, and Enid says she’s coming with. He tells her to pack a bag and some food – they might be gone a while.


Carol tries to convince Ezekiel to lead his people, but he seems to just want to sit on the stage in the empty theater, sadly caressing Shiva’s chains. She says Henry needs him (she already had to stop the little tyke from following her) and that if he can’t be the king then he needs to play the part. That’s what she does. You act like it’s okay until it is. Basically, she’d like him to put on his big boy pants, because they have to get ready for the upcoming battle.

Rick in a Box

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln naked The Heaps

The final scene is of a naked Rick, stuck in a shipping container in The Heaps. Either Jadis is looking for another sculpture buddy or she is planning to use him as a bargaining chip of her own.

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