This week on The Walking Dead, Rick is trying to move on to the next step of his plan but the Scavengers have other ideas. Eugene is working on solving the whole “Sanctuary surrounded by giant walker herd” issue, and Daryl is tired of waiting to see if the plan works.

Rick in a Box

To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress
It’s easy to do just follow these steps
One – cut a hole in a box
Two – put your Rick in that box
Three – make her open the box
And that’s the way you do it

 Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Time for After Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln

Sorry. I had to. Okay, so, Rick is still in a box. And in case you were wondering why, apparently Jadis is still doing arts and crafts and she wants to use him as a model. She has her people haul him out so she can take reference photos with an old timey camera. So hipster. She tells Rick she’s going to sculpt him, after. After what? We don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Time for After Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln

Betrayals & Backstabbery

Things are getting AHKward. AHK being the acronym Eugene has come up with for Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom. He’s trying hard to figure out this whole Dwight dilemma.

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Time for After Eugene notebook

In an epic display of irony of Eugene asks Dwight to refrain from being a backstabber, and in exchange, he’ll keep his mouth shut about the fact that Dwight is the mole. Dwight tries to reason with Eugene, appealing to his penchant for picking the winning side. He thinks Rick’s side is going to win, and besides, hasn’t Eugene seen the atrocities committed in the Sanctuary? “Once you do those things, you become those things. And there’s no going back,” he says. Eugene considers this, but he is convinced his best bet for survival is with the Saviors. “Yes. I’m Negan. And it ain’t perfect, but we’re Saviors. We save.”

A lesson from the apocalypse that is relevant to today’s socio-political climate: It’s not the loudmouthed villains we should fear the most. It’s the cowards who will do anything to preserve themselves.

A Potato in a Shit Casserole

Gabe isn’t doing too great. Remember when Eugene found him all feverish and sweaty in his cell? Dr. Carson says he has an infection that is attacking his organs, and they’re low on meds. He decides to go look in the marketplace for some herbal remedies. (Kale? Turmeric?) Anyway, he asks Eugene to stay with Gabriel.

Gabriel takes a look at Eugene and notes that he looks worse than Gabriel does. Eugene is not thrilled to hear that. “I don’t appreciate that because you look like a potato in a shit casserole.”

Gabriel thinks Eugene will know what the right thing to do is, when the time comes, and that Eugene will come through and help him get Dr. Carson to the Hilltop. I’m not sure what this faith is based on, but he believes it. All I know is, I like that this highlights the danger of covering yourself with unsanitary walker innards.

Later, one of Negan’s Robert Palmer girl wives, Tanya, shows up to Eugene’s room, asking if he has fixed her boom box. She’s got a bottle of hooch as payment. Eugene is surprised that she even cares about something like a boom box when walkers are at the gates. He’s not done fixing it, but he asks if he can have the bottle in advance. He’s having trouble sleeping, he says. Tanya is not surprised. Eugene could have done the right thing then and helped them before, but he chose not to. No wonder he can’t sleep.

Make It Happen

Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Tara go over the plan. Not Rick’s plan. The new plan they came up with because they think Rick’s plan is taking too long. The new plan is to drive a big truck through the wall of main building, allowing the walker horde inside. Then, they’ll follow and take out the Saviors. Morgan, who has been hiding nearby with his snipers, appears and offers his help. He just wants this done.

Rosita, after hearing the new plan, has reservations. It’s too risky. She’s out. “Sometimes you just have to wait. Sometimes you don’t get to know. I just wish it didn’t take seeing Sasha walk out of that coffin to realize that.”

Come To Negan Talk

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Time for After Eugene Negan

Back in the Sanctuary’s erstwhile conference room, Negan is giving Eugene a pep talk. He says Eugene is strong. He’s counting on him to solve this problem and save all the folks. Eugene eats it up. Then, Negan stands and offers Eugene his hand. Confused, Eugene goes to kiss it.

Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Time for After Eugene Negan hand kiss

Negan informs him that he was going for a handshake, which is a gesture shared between equals. He doesn’t do it very often. Negan is totally the abusive boyfriend who makes you feel special when he’s nice to you, and Eugene is a sucker for it.

Later, Eugene is fiddling with the boom box parts, and he is inspired to build a speaker drone using…SASHA’S iPOD. He goes down to the basement where the coffin she died in is stored, and sure enough, there’s the music player. He flashes back to Sasha’s death, but steels himself and keeps going. Could he be more gross? No.

Ride or Die?

Michonne backs out at the last minute. She, too, thinks it’s risky. It’s just not worth it. Daryl says it is worth it for him. But he understands why Michonne can’t be part of this foolishness. Tara says they’ve got Morgan and the snipers – they’re going to be okay.

While Daryl prepares to breach the wall, Eugene gets ready to launch the drone. Dwight catches him. Eugene brings up the the “chompdown” he delivered to Dwight’s chode, which is a weird thing to bring up when the guy whose chode you chomped is holding a gun on you, but perhaps it was a distraction tactic. Then, he launches the drone and Dwight has a choice to make. He hesitates to shoot Eugene. Instead, he fires on the drone, disabling it.

At that moment, Daryl puts pedal to the metal. He wedges a cement block against the accelerator and leaps from the truck just before it crashes into the wall.

Biological Imperative

The walkers stream into the building, and the workers and Saviors are forced to retreat. Eugene is horrified, watching the carnage. He returns to Gabriel and tells him he will NOT help in anyway. Negan is his best hope for survival, and he’s going to make sure Dr. Carson stays put in case he ever needs him. “I will survive. It’s in my biological imperative. It’s all I know how to do.”

Upstairs, Negan asks if Eugene will be able to hook him up with enough bullets. Eugene knows full well Negan plans to use those bullets on his former friends, and he is cool with it. Negan asks him how it feels to be the second most important person there? How does it feel to save the Saviors? Eugene says it feels great. He says he has one more thing to tell Negan. Just then Daryl enters the room and Eugene appears to reconsider, probably because Dwight would have had no choice but to kill him right then and there if he tried to out him. Eugene ends up telling Negan he’s figured out how to fix the intercom system, which is kinda anti-climactic.

Back in his room, Eugene listens to gunfire and quietly freaks out. He starts chugging “giggle juice” but it doesn’t seem to be helping.


Rick is removed from his box and led out into the garbage arena. The Scavengers bring out a walker fitted with an iron mask and chained to a long pole. Shit is going to go down Thunder Dome style. However, the Scavengers haven’t counted on Rick’s savagery. Rick ends up beating the Scavengers down with their own walker.

He is 110% done. He ends up pinning Jadis to the ground after disarming her. She lays there, next to the disembodied head of the walker. Rick tells them he is walking out of there and when he does, they are all going to die. If they want to keep playing their weird games and doing naked sculpture, fine, but he is outta there. He suggests that after he leaves, they run.

Jadis, ever the realist, decides to join with Rick. If she can get half the take when they win the Sanctuary. Rick says nope. The Scavengers get a fourth. That’s it. How about a fourth and she gets to sculpt Rick after? Naked style? Rick says no deal. He wants his boots and clothes NOW.

Rick then leads the Scavengers to the lookout post. He gets no radio response from his team so he climbs the tower to get a better look. All he sees is an empty courtyard surrounding the Sanctuary.

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