I loved this entire episode. I felt like “FINALLY! I CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AND THIS CASE!” I feel like the back story and setup episodes to get us to this point went one episode too long, though. If this were episode 4, everything would have flowed better ,and people would have been more likely to stick with it.

What Happened: It’s been about 2 months, 66 days to be exact, since the “Vinci Massacre” (their name, not mine,) and all our players are feeling the repercussions from their involvement. Ani is now working in the evidence room and spends her free time attending sexual harassment therapy sessions. Paul works insurance fraud, much to the delight of his soon-to-be mother-in-law who calls his bike “dangerous.” He also finds out that his mom has stolen the twenty-thousand dollars he saved and had  stashed at her house for the past 4 years.

Ray is surprisingly drug free, and no longer working for the department. He is now working security for Frank. His wife also followed through on her promise of taking custody of his son. We learn that the man who actually raped her has been found and arrested, leading her to believe Ray lied about everything. She now wants a paternity test to prove her son wasn’t fathered by Ray. Ray is furious and lands on Frank’s doorstep demanding answers.

Frank is still having a rough time financially, but manages to patch things up with his wife about their future plans to have a child. He also lands a deal with another Catalyst member to get some of the lands he lost, all he has to do is find that missing hard drive from Caspere’s second home.

We learned so much about the case this episode! Now that they’ve closed Caspere’s death by blaming it on the Mexican drug dealers from the shoot out, Attorney General Geldof has announced his run for governor. This makes State Attorney Katherine Davis suspicious and she brings Ray, Ani and Paul back together again and tells them to find out what really happened to Caspere. Ray is reluctant at first, but then Davis tells him she’ll help him get his son back. The missing girl’s sister reaches out to Ani again after receiving some strange photographs in the mail, including photos of those blue diamonds that are now missing from evidence. Paul also learns that Dixon knew about the diamonds before they found them and wanted to be sure any pawn shop contacted him first. Frank and Chassani discuss that the lands were purposefully poisoned so the businesses could buy them cheaper in order to build the rail there later. Ray follows up with the therapist again who confirms that Caspere was known to video tape high-powered figures at fancy parties and use the information to blackmail them, and that Chessani’s son provides the ladies for the entertainment at the parties. Ani and Paul follow a lead to a commune up north and discover a shed covered in blood with a chair that someone was obviously taped to before they were killed.

What I loved: Ani in her sexual harassment therapy session was the best thing I’ve seen on TV in ages. I also kind of loved Ray kicking Botoxed Rick Springfield’s ass. And Ray shaved!

What could’ve been better: Paul’s mom! I know I’ve complained about him a lot, but no one deserves to have their life’s savings stolen by their own mother and then hear she basically hates him and wished he was never born. That was rough. And what the hell is a “poisoned cooze?”

What I’m looking forward to: I want to know more about the commune place Ani and Paul found, and if that Bohemian Grove theory floating around the internet has any weight. Also, I cannot wait to see Frank and Ray’s sit down after Ray found out Frank lied about the man he killed.

Best lines:

“I don’t know, I mean, what can I say, I just really like big dicks. Yeah, it’s not just length, everybody’s always talking about length. I mean girth too. I really wanna have trouble handcuffing that thing. “ – Ani

“It’s like blue balls… in your heart.” – Frank

“Pain is inexhaustible. It’s only people that get exhausted.” – Ray

“Gangster? I was born drafted on the wrong side of the class war, so fuck that gangster shit!” – Frank

“Crime exists contingent on human desire.” – Frank

“I try to limit the people I can disappoint.” – Ray

“So now we’re following birds?”
“Carrion birds.” – Paul and Ani

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