True Detective 2x08  Ani Ray

What happened: We finally got answers and honestly, it was anti-climactic and depressing. The short of it is that the kids in the photo whose parents were murdered were the ones behind Caspere’s death. The brother wanted revenge on everyone involved in his parents’ death and he killed Caspere, starting the domino effect that lead to everyone else’s death.

Frank fights with Jordan about sending her to safety, but she finally goes with Nails as her guide. Ray goes to confront Len and they try to set up Holloway and Burris. Len loses his shit when Holloway tells Ray that Laura was Caspere’s daughter, that his mother had been having an affair with him for years, and it was likely this affair that lead to Caspere wanting her dead. Len jumps at Holloway, stabbing him. Chaos erupts and there’s a shootout. Ani appears just at the right time, saving Ray, but the recording he had of the conversation is ruined. Len and Holloway die, but Burris escapes with a wounded arm.

Frank and Ray meet at the bar, which is actually owned by the mysterious waitress, Felicia. Ray did her a favor by arresting the guy who scarred her face, and it was Frank who bought her the place. The bar is a front for her to smuggle people in and out of the country, which is exactly what they all need. Frank concocts a plan to steal from the rich guys at the cabin. He and Ray go in with guns blazing and kill everyone, stealing millions of dollars to fund their escape plan.

Frank still has some business to settle and while he’s tying up loose ends, he’s taken by the Mexican cartel guys who are pissed that their avenues for running drugs went up in smoke. He tries to pay them off to save his life, but they stab him and leave him for dead. While he’s dying, we see him hallucinate about his past, and finally he has his moment with Jordan in her white dress.


Ray wants to see his son one last time, and thus ruins his chances of getting out of alive. While Ray is seeing his son, Burris puts a tracker on his car. Thankfully, Ray sees this and leads them away from Ani so she can escape. He leads them into the woods and there is another shoot out. They turn Ray into target practice. He dies in the forest, a cop killer, just like his Dad said he would.

Ani and Ray were totally in love, and she ends up having his child. He makes sure she gets safely away to Venezuela, she meets up with Jordan and they seem to have their version of fucked up ever after with Nails in tow. We see her give the evidence and tell the entire story to a reporter, and then she and Jordan disappear into a crowd.

What I loved: Ray’s sweet goodbye salute to his son. I also loved that Ani and Jordan found each other and seem to be a family with Ani’s baby. And that Ray’s ex-wife looked at the paternity test. Their son was Ray’s. Oh! And I loved them naming a highway after Paul. His bike would be so happy.

What could’ve been better: WHY DID EVERYONE HAVE TO DIE? Chessani’s son and Burris becoming more successful? Slap. In. The. Face. And Ray’s voice message to his kid not going through? Was it necessary to even show that?

What I’m looking forward to: I’m not sure if I’ll give the next season, if there is one, a try or not. The first season was so good and this one was kind of a letdown. I know it’s not fair to compare the two, but it was the same writer, so we know he has the capacity to tell a better story than this.

Best lines:

“You can’t act for shit.” – Jordan


“You’re a cop right? Lady cop.”
“What gave me away? The tits?”
“I meant you’re a lady, you have dignity.” – Frank and Ani

“I like Ray.”
“I’m sure that means a lot to him.” – Frank and Ani

“Blake is gone. He did not go nicely.” – Frank

“Guess I was wrong. It was today.” – Frank

“I could lose these assholes with a tricycle.” – Ray

“Hell, son, if everyone was stronger they’d be more like you.” – Ray

“We deserve a better world.” – Ani



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