By Rachel Drummond

This week on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy begins therapy to deal with her time in the bunker, and Mikey comes out to his large Italian family. This episode is bringing me major joy with two of my favorite characters this whole season: Mikey (duh), and Tina Fey’s drunken therapist, Andrea.

When Mikey wants to come out to his parents and siblings, Titus is thrilled because it most certainly will result in a dramatic and over the top scene with Mikey’s large Italian family. He prepares everything: his outfit, his song of choice, his dramatic speech to get Mikey’s family to support him. The whole thing starts out well enough, with Titus practically humming with excitement over the spectacle about to unfold:

And then, Mikey’s family lovingly accepts him – especially his dad:

“Do you know what the church says about homosexuality? Because I don’t anymore. Our gay pope seems to be for it, so who am I to go against our gay pope?”

Titus is heartbroken, though, because he didn’t get his big coming out moment. It results in a sweet (but very Titus) moment in which he explains to Mikey that in Mississippi, he never got a chance to come out, and he wanted this to be his shot. Mikey lovingly lets Titus perform his song and dance for his big family, and Titus is happier for it. And so is Mikey’s… grandmother?


Honestly, I love this weird show so much.

Kimmy doesn’t have quite as therapeutic a day when she attends a session with Andrea and is disappointed to find that she’s not completely cured after one session. Andrea tries to tell her it’s a process, but Kimmy gets angry. Immediately, she snaps out of it, though, and Andrea wants to know what helps her remain so calm when she’s upset. Kimmy tells her about her “happy place” that she goes to, and Andrea encourages her to embrace her anger – she really thinks it will help Kimmy to accept things better.

Unfortunately, Kimmy’s happy place goes from looking like this:


To this:


She goes to confront Andrea about this at night, and sober-daytime-Andrea has been replaced with drunk-Andrea. Luckily, sometimes drunk-Andrea has some insight that sober-Andrea doesn’t, and Kimmy ends up realizing that the person she’s misdirecting her anger at is the mother who abandoned her as a child.

Drunk-Andrea delivers some solid advice to Kimmy about therapy in general:

“Daytime-me is like ‘This is a process, this takes time,’ but actually it’s always the parents.”


(*Bonus laughs for the Dyziplen shirt she’s wearing. Did I mention how much I love this weird show?)

So, we’ll have to wait and see what rabbit hole Kimmy falls down now that she realizes her mother is to blame for a lot of her issues. I, for one, am excited.

Extra LOLs:

I feel as though this really needs no context:

Go check this episode out (especially the running Lance Bass joke; it’s one you shouldn’t miss). The whole season is streaming on Netflix.


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