This week on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jacqueline tries to get Russ to fall in love with her, Titus contemplates his future, and Kimmy tries to help Andrea quit drinking.

Jacqueline thinks her only chance at not being poor anymore is to make Russ (the lawyer who took her stolen painting away from her) fall in love with her. She tries in vain, though, because Russ is really not good with women (and, if I’m being honest, kind of an annoying baby about everything). Lillian tells Jacqueline that she’ll know Russ is falling for her if he starts to put her needs in front of his own.


Jacqueline listens to Russ tell her that he had a terrible stutter as a kid, and that the reason he’s always working and fighting for the voiceless is because he wants people to listen to what he has to say. When Russ is attacked by a group of teenage girls on the street (no, really), Jacqueline rushes him to her apartment and takes care of him. She panics, though, because she realizes that means she’s putting his needs in front of her own. Instead of getting him to fall for her, she’s falling for him, and she is furious at herself for it.


Titus’s arc in this episode is pretty cute (but we all know I say that about anything involving Mikey) –

First, Titus takes care of Mikey when he’s sick (adorable), and Mikey reminds him that he has an audition to get ready for. They’re both sickeningly sweet when Titus tells him he’d rather spend time with Mikey than think about auditioning.


Then, Titus feels like he blew his audition because he does end up getting sick. On his way out he runs into Norman, an aging actor who Titus sees “the ghost of Titus’ future” in – a struggling actor who never even got a speaking role, instead playing corpses on shows like Law and Order.


Then, while Titus is lamenting to Mikey about wanting to give up, Mikey suggests that maybe Titus doesn’t have to worry about working – he makes plenty of money doing construction, and his lease is up at the end of the month: maybe Mikey and Titus should just move in together. Titus is hesitant, until he gets a call saying Norman has died, and I think the shock of realizing how short life is gets him to tell Mikey yes (and my poor heart exploded from happiness).

Once they attend the funeral, Titus realizes (despite Norman’s small parts in show business) the big impact he had – big enough to have Ice T give his eulogy: “Norman Gordon may not be a household name, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is he followed his dream, and lived life without regret. He didn’t drive a fancy car or have an address where he could receive mail, but he was a success, because he was to his own self true. And in that way, he lives forever.”


Finally, as Titus is settling into happiness with the idea that Mikey will be moving in, he gets a call that he nailed his audition from earlier. Unfortunately, the gig is on a cruise ship for four months in the Caribbean. Titus is going to turn it down, but Mikey tells him he has to go for it. Titus is touched that Mikey would be willing to risk losing him in order for Titus to be happy (and thus, they each have put each other’s needs in front of their own – the definition of true love from Lillian). My heart breaks that Titus and Mikey might be split up, but there’s a lot of potential hilarity that could ensue from a cruise ship storyline, so I’ll hold off judgment for now.

And in Kimmy’s realm of the world, she’s desperately trying to figure out her issues through therapy, but Andrea has gone from getting drunk only at night to getting drunk throughout the day. Kimmy worries that no real progress will ever be made if her therapist is always drunk and belligerent, so she sets out to make sure that Andrea doesn’t drink at all for a full day… by handcuffing herself to her and sitting with her on a roof for hours.


Kimmy is incredibly proud of Andrea, but it turns out Andrea was drinking vodka from a Camelbak the entire time, and is completely hammered by the time the experiment is over.


Kimmy is upset, but the silver lining of the situation is that it helps Kimmy realize that she only wanted to help because she felt guilty for blurring Andrea’s boundary lines – and all of that stems for her abandonment issues about her mom. In the end, Kimmy tells Titus and Mikey she’s going to go track her mom down (who happens to be something called a “Coasterhead”, is addicted to riding roller coasters, and turns out to be living in Orlando, Florida).

The next episode is the very last in Season Two, so we’ll have to see if anything is resolved when Kimmy goes in search of her mom. Check out the entire season streaming on Netflix.



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