By Rachel Drummond

We’ve made it – the final episode of Season Two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Titus tries to avoid sailing off on his cruise ship, Jacqueline finds out something unsavory about Russ, and Kimmy finally finds her mom.

Titus is supposed to set sail on his four month cruise ship gig, but on the way he panics. He’s at the bus station, waiting for a sign as to whether he should go or not, when a bus pulls up headed to Titusville. How much more of a sign could he need? He hops on board, all thoughts of setting sail from Miami forgotten.


It turns out that Titusville is the home to the Kennedy space center, and Titus ends up winning dinner with an astronaut. It’s there, though, that he finds out nobody has been to space since 2011, and he panics about his avoidance of his dream: “Oh God, if I stay here, am I no better than a US astronaut?” Luckily, this unfortunate run-in helps Titus realize that he doesn’t want to give up on his dream – he decides once and for all to haul ass to Miami and get on that cruise ship.

Jacqueline is preparing to host Russ’s family at her apartment for Thanksgiving; she’s hoping to make a good enough impression that he’ll see her as wife material. Unfortunately, it comes out that Russ’s family own the Washington Redskins – a fact that disgusts Jacqueline, given her Lakota-Sioux heritage, and the terrible racism embedded in the franchise.


Despite the fact that she feels like she is falling in love with Russ, this is the last straw (not his excessive sweating, or his foot nipple, or the fact that he’s just all around the weirdest person in the room at all times). When she confronts him about having to break up, and confesses where her family comes from, Russ is completely floored and amazed – he thought nobody really cared about anything anymore, and he loves that Jacqueline does. Also, he admits he hates that team name, and he sort of hates his family, so they promise to each other that they’re going to take down the Washington Redskins.

Over in Kimmy’s realm of the world, she finally tracked down her mom – she’s at Universal Studios in Orlando (and just as a personal side note – I love Universal. I’ve gone there twice in the past year alone, and it’s one of the best places on earth, so seeing the shots from this episode made me almost home sick in a weird way).

Her mom, as you might remember from last episode, is a coaster-head – she travels around the country seeking out roller coasters to ride, trying to break the record for most ridden. Her mom Lori Ann is played by Lisa Kudrow, who perfectly captures the nonchalance and awkward feelings of a mother who ran away from trying to find her kidnapped daughter.


Lori Ann apologizes to Kimmy right away, admitting that she left because she hated people looking at her all the time in that way. Kimmy forgives her, and is making up for lost time, until she calls Titus. Titus sees right through Lori Ann and tells Kimmy that any time she tries to bring up anything serious, Lori Ann is going to change the subject – she’s playing Kimmy, trying to avoid the guilt she feels for abandoning her. Kimmy starts to notice that he’s right, so she hops onto a roller coaster with Lori Ann, where she can’t run away from her, and spills her guts about how angry she is that Lori Ann was never a good mother, and that she abandoned her.


They end up riding the roller coaster three times in a row, just fighting it out, spilling the stuff they never said to each other for the past 15 years. Kimmy tells Lori Ann what a bad mother she was, Lori Ann admits that she was 17 when she had Kimmy and didn’t want her in the first place, but thinks she should be commended for keeping her anyway. Once they’ve duked it out on the coaster, Kimmy has a realization: all these years she’s been afraid of Velcro, it’s because Lori Ann never taught her to tie her shoes – she ended up getting kidnapped because her mittens got stuck on her shoes Velcro and the reverend found her in his van.

She thinks about laying into Lori Ann, blaming her for everything, but she realizes that there’s nothing she can say that will un-kidnap her, or fix her childhood, or give Lori Ann the life she wanted before she had Kimmy. So Kimmy finally just accepts it, and she and her mom leave on okay terms.

The episode ends with Kimmy having Thanksgiving with Jacqueline and Lillian, but she gets a call from a very unwanted person: the reverend calls from prison, saying he’s met someone that wants to marry him, so he and Kimmy will have to get a divorce. Uh oh…


I can’t wait for next season to see what happens.

This season has been a roller coaster (pun intended) of laughs and weirdness, and I find myself asking everyone I know if they’ve seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, because it’s just that funny and uplifting. I hope you’ve enjoyed this season as much as I have!

Rachel is a 30 something pediatric nurse currently living in South Carolina with her future wife. Check out what she’s reading over on Instagram at @lesbereaders.

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