By Rachel Drummond

This is it – eight episodes in, and we’re finally back to the beginning of the season. Just a reminder from Episode One – Jacqueline storms in and says, “The Jews are trying to steal my painting,” Titus kisses Santa, and Sonja accuses Kimmy of being a “ho, ho, ho.” It all makes sense now. Well, as much as anything can make sense in the quirky universe of Kimmy Schmidt.

Jacqueline finds out that her painting was taken from a Jewish family in the 1930s by the Nazis, and now they’re staking their claim to it. The problem is, everything Jacqueline had was tied up in that painting (all 11.5 million dollars of it). She contemplates stalling the proceedings, forging the painting, and even having someone Lillian knows “take care of it” for insurance money. In the end, though, she realizes that she’s only doing to this Jewish family what the white men did to her family and the Native Americans, so she returns it.

The exciting part about that story line, though, is the fact that David Cross plays the Jewish family’s lawyer, and Jacqueline takes an interest in him when she finds out he has a private jet. Her hopes of having a rich husband to take care of her are coming alive again, and I am ecstatic to see what kind of shenanigans these two get into in future episodes.


Another exciting love story I’ve been waiting to come back to – Dong and Kimmy are finally reunited. It happens after Sonja accuses Kimmy of stealing Dong away, because she found Kimmy’s blue scrunchie under his pillow. Kimmy takes the fall for him, saying that she planted it there, but she finally realizes that Dong must love her, too. He shows up at her house and asks to run away with her. They end up at an abandoned hotel in the Poconos, and after a few mishaps with some latex condoms and Dong’s throat closing, the police show up and threaten to call immigration on him. Kimmy and Dong end up having sex in the back of a gross cop car, which is actually a lot sweeter than it seems like it could ever be. I’m scared that Dong will be gone forever, but I’m holding out hope that something will happen to let him stay in America with Kimmy.


Extra LOLs:

1) When Kimmy and Dong take a getaway to a gross, abandoned hotel, they find this helpful sign by the hottub:


2) Kimmy and Dong make a lot of references to American movies and TV shows, and when they talk about wanting their relationship to resemble Dawson’s Creek, the clerk at the convenience store is none other than Joshua Jackson (Pacey). They delve into a funny conversation about the realities of Pacey and Joey’s relationship.


3) The Jewish family that is trying to retrieve their painting from Jacqueline has some… um, interesting names. (Complete honesty: this is the most childish joke of the whole episode, and I laughed the hardest at it because I am clearly a mature adult)


I can’t wait to see what happens next episode, because this season is very much on the upswing in terms of hilarity. The whole season is streaming on Netflix, so go check it out.


Rachel is a 30 something pediatric nurse currently living in South Carolina with her future wife. Check out what she’s reading over on Instagram at @lesbereaders.

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