By Rachel Drummond

This is all I have to say about this week’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode: God bless Tina Fey.

All right, I have a few more things to say, but they’re mostly centered on the fact that Tina Fey is a comedic genius and she brings nothing but light and laughter into this world.

This week, Kimmy continues her job as an Uber driver, picking up Andrea – a drunk woman who doles out maybe-less-than-sage advice to the redhead. Our lady of perpetual drunkenness is played by none other than the show’s creator, Ms. Tina Fey (and I must say, this role was a million times funnier than her turn as the incompetent lawyer in Season One).


She notices that Kimmy constantly puts others before herself, and she encourages Kimmy to value her own happiness before she lets others walk all over her. In this case, it would be Titus filling up their shower with his Barbie dolls:

“Last night after a box of key lime wine and some shame spiraling, I decided to give all my Barbies perms. Some of them don’t have the face for it.”


The analyzing continues, with Andrea interpreting everything about Kimmy, from her “happy as a clam” attitude (“So like, clenched up tight, full of grit, and if you get pried open you’ll die?”) to her disgusting burps (“No, you’re Durst-ing. You ever see The Jinx? Fred Durst? He did those burps. You got some bad stuff inside, and your body is trying to blast it out through your face’s mouth.”).

(Also, may I just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful subtlety of some of this season’s jokes? The running Robert Durst joke has been amusing at times, but something as small as Fey’s character referring to him here, while calling him Fred Durst, just tickles me. It really brings it all together, and makes the silly Robert Durst references from earlier episodes that much funnier.)

Kimmy takes Andrea’s advice, confronts Titus about the situation, and they end up in a huge fight with Kimmy storming out of the apartment.


The next time Kimmy picks up Andrea (against her better judgment), she gets angry that the advice Andrea gave her worsened her friendship with Titus. Andrea is not at all concerned, and has Kimmy take her to her office – where Kimmy learns that she just so happens to be a psychiatrist by day. She tells Kimmy that eventually she’s going to snap if she doesn’t deal with her problems, but Kimmy claims she’s in total control.


The episode continues with Kimmy trying to convince sober-Andrea to be her therapist (sober-Andrea doesn’t really remember Kimmy, but knows that drunk-Andrea is probably to blame for all of this). Eventually, drunk-Andrea blackmails sober-Andrea (via a hilarious video, shown below) and Kimmy will finally be getting the help she needs.

I’m pretty sure this means that Tina Fey’s golden halo of hilarity will continue to shine upon us for at least one more episode, and I am ready and willing to climb aboard that train.

Extra LOLs:

There are way too many gems of dialogue to list here, but here are some of the golden nuggets:

1) Kimmy is frustrated that Titus won’t get out of the house and do anything (other than perm his Barbie dolls’ hair):

Kimmy: “Wouldn’t you feel better if you actually did something today?”
Titus: “Does holding in a fart count?”

2) Tina Fey acting drunk is the mood-lifter I didn’t know I needed. When she listens to Kimmy rant about Titus and his Barbie dolls in the shower, she sheds this light on Kimmy’s situation with, um, Titties:

“What’s his name? Titties? You say, ‘Titties, I value my needs, and I needs to take a shower. Clean it up.’”

3) I just… sometimes you think something is so funny, and then you write it down and… out of context, you’re just not so sure. Just trust me on this one, I guess.

Andrea: “You know who doesn’t sleep a lot? Depressed people.”
Kimmy: “Well you know who else doesn’t sleep a lot? Dolphins. And they’re always smiling.”
Andrea: “Dolphins are rapists, look it up.”
Kimmy: “That’s not why they’re smiling is it?”

4) The absolute best of the best this episode was when drunk-Andrea had to blackmail sober-Andrea to counsel Kimmy. She does this by filming herself while drunk, getting Kimmy to show it to sober-Andrea, and then telling Kimmy to “hand her the envelope”, resulting in the funniest moment of the show by far:

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