1 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

Three years in the future Caroline is marrying… Alaric! Okay, odd choice but I’ll take it (it’s better than Bonnie and Enzo). We pick up where we left off a couple episodes ago when Damon makes a visit to Rick in the future. He insists that Rick get Caroline on the phone; since Stefan is being hunted, they expect whoever this huntress is, will use Caroline as the bait to smoke him out. We interrupt this regularly scheduled programing with a special broadcast. Caroline appears on the TV in front of Rick and Damon, and she has a special message for Stefan Salvatore.

What you need to know:

2 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

Stefan is having dreams about what could have been with Valerie: the son that never was. Caroline wakes him from his reverie only to discover that Valerie has stayed the night. Oh, and used the last of the shampoo in the shower, from which she clearly just stepped out as evidenced by her wet hair and towel-clad body. Good timing, Val. Caroline graciously offers to drive her to the airport and help her disappear, preferably somewhere on another hemisphere. She thinks a new name is in order, too. Matilda Pettigrew is her suggestion. That silly Caroline.

3 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

Lily is throwing a dinner party, attempting to make peace with her sons now that Julian is back and they clearly pose a threat to him. Stefan is ready to kill him this very moment, but Damon – still freshly wounded from the news that it was Lily that gave Kai the sleeping beauty spell for Elena – wants to rub it in, drag it out, and make it as painful as possible.

Speaking of the dinner party, did I mention that, as they arrive at the same time, Enzo recruits a unsuspecting Bonnie to be his? She does help him make Lily a bit jealous with a few fabulously timed tie adjustment and longing looks.

So, this is where it starts.

4 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

Damon makes a game of following Stefan around all night, thwarting any Julian-assassination attempts. Eventually, with Matt’s help, Stefan supposedly puts Damon down for the count with a little vervain-laced bourbon and makes his move. He again attempts to end Julian, but is interrupted by Lily and, later, Damon. Julian shares that the Phoenix Stone was almost like the prison world. Stuck in the same place in the same day repeating the same action – killing Lily. It’s almost enough to drive a man mad, he says. It clearly did. As a fight breaks out between the three boys, only Lily can stop Julian, having finally seen some of his madness herself. She tells Julian that she has no desire to see her sons dead.

Faux Jo is dying: her vampire soul cannot sustain itself inside a human body. As Rick watches her slip away, she tells him the few things she has remembered from her vampire life. Her name is Florence and a woman wielding a sword had stabbed her in the heart. That sword should not have been able to kill her, but it did.

5 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

Our characters, obviously, don’t know the significance of this information yet, but it is pretty clear that Florence’s killer is who they are running from in the future. With her last words, she tells Rick what a great husband he would have made and Rick thanks her for allowing him to say goodbye. So he does, as Caroline watches heartbroken for him from across the room.

6 - The Vampire Diaries 7x06 Best Served Cold

After being sent to the other room to keep her tactlessness to herself, we find Valerie watching Alaric and Jo’s wedding video. She recognizes the chant that the Gemini coven was using when we thought they were attempting to send Kai back to the prison world. They weren’t trying to get rid of Kai; they were protecting the next generation of Gemini twins inside Jo. The spell was for a transfer. Surprise! The babies are alive and, thanks to a locator spell from Valerie, we know where they are: they’re inside Caroline.

This is obviously a quite genius way to write actress Candice Accola’s real life pregnancy into the storyline. It’s all bad news for those Steroline fans though. We knew they wouldn’t end up together, but it seems they may be apart a lot sooner than we thought. I do think that the chemistry between Valerie and Stefan is pretty great. I can also see how perfectionist, project-oriented Caroline could fall for Alaric, thinking she can help him, especially now knowing she will be carrying his children.

I guess she can’t be too jealous of Valerie’s secret now, can she?

What’s coming up:

We’ve got a few things on the slow burner it seems: Damon and Stefan’s alliance against Julian; the heretics’ secret feeding location at the high school where dozens of compelled humans are by Bonnie and Matt; and, of course, this pregnancy of Caroline’s. While the wound of learning of his lost son is still fresh, how will Stefan handle Caroline’s news? Rick is getting what Stefan wanted with his girlfriend. (I’d be jelly).

What makes me wonder:

So, I’ve watched a few vampire shows in my time… and never, ever could a vampire sustain a human life. Caroline is technically dead, so will it be magic that grows these babies? Will they even address this fact? A mystical pregnancy… sounds about right for Mystic Falls, right?


Bonnie: “Hey, remember when we used an ancient relic to raise your wife from the dead and ended up imbuing her with someone else’s soul?”
Alaric: “Why are you calling me?”
Bonnie: “Because I’m at Skullbar, where faux Jo is currently holding her laptop like it’s a book… get here now, preferably before someone asks Jo to perform surgery, ok?”

Damon: “To watch Lily bat her eyes at her zombie douche-brain boy toy? Thanks, but I’d rather stay home and stub my toe repeatedly.”
Stefan: “You do realize that zombie douche-brain boy toy is living in your house, bathing in your tub, eating your Fruit Loops.”

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