This week’s recap is a quickie. Louis is sick. Conspirators try to make sure that the minor illness results in death. While everyone in the palace is concerned about Louis, the noble’s revolution heats up. And though the king should be resting, Louis has a dance revolution, er, revelation.

Our Favorite moments:

Revolution Revelation


Beatrice creates her family’s papers and turns them in. She arranges a meeting with the conspirators. She has rallied the support of the Dutch. She knows that Fabien has the codex and placed a fake note in the laundry to take him to the other side of Paris during her meeting. She invited Cavalier to the meeting. But he really doesn’t want to be there.

Claudine’s Revelation


She and her father are summoned to the king’s sick bed. Her father prescribes the very drug that we saw switched out from his medicine case last week. It’s almost like someone knew what Louis’ symptoms would be when they sent the sick worker to infect the king. Louis gets Claudine’s opinion. She disagrees with her father’s prescription. They are sent off to fetch the other medicine.

Her father seems drunk and is furious that she questioned him in front of the king. He calls her every name in the good book, literally, Jezebel, Delilah and Philistine.  He knocks her unconscious and takes the medicine he would have given the king for pain. Claudine possibly could have helped her dad, if he hadn’t knocked her unconscious.

Bontemps collects her to take her back to the palace. She does an autopsy on her dad after she heals Louis. We assume she gave the king he finding in the autopsy, who knows. She accepts the position as Louis’ personal doctor.

The scene with her dad makes no sense. They were in a hurry to get back to the palace, but her dad drunk with rage and drinks the medicine/poison for no reason. It is a pretty weak plot point to give Claudine sole position as physician.

Cavalier’s revelation

When he gets up to relieve himself at night, Cavalier is once again accosted by masked men who threaten him and hand him a note. (How are all these masked men running around the palace without detection?) Phillipe is immediately call by a guard to join the “King’s Circle of Trust.” (Where was this guard when Cavalier had a knife to his throat?) Before he leaves, Cavalier warns Phillipe that a great tide is stirring in the court.

Later this “Circle of Trust” denies Phillipe the position of regent, in the event of Louis’ death, because no one trusts Cavalier and the influence he has over love-sick Phillipe. When pressed, Cavalier tells Phillipe that change is coming and kind of indicates that he sees the side of the nobles. Then Cavalier walks out, Phillipe feeling torn by his duty and his love again.

At the end, Cavalier is thrown in jail as the ring leader. We’re not told why they think Cavalier would be the ring leader. Did they find his note in the laundry too? We all know he isn’t smart enough to be the ring leader, but he totally deserves some punishment for treating Phillipe so badly and letting Beatrice lie about her family. Let him rot awhile and gain some appreciation for the luxury Phillipe affords him.

Fabien’s revelation


Fabien and Beatrice are still knocking boots. A note found in the laundry is a decoy to send Fabien to the other side of Paris, while the conspirators meet outside of Cassel burnt out house.

His maid informant discovers Beatrice’s seal. But in another weak plot point, she doesn’t tell Fabien when she has ample opportunity.  Is she worried Fabien actually cares about Beatrice? Seriously, why didn’t she tell him right then and there? So she’d dead now.

Beatrice ingests charcoal before convincing Fabien to partake in some renaissance-age Viagra, but it’s really poison.  She throws it up later. Fabien starts to have symptoms at the party. I started to like him when he cared so much about Louis’ god-daughter’s death and stayed with her. I hope he makes it.

Louis’s revelations


Louis fell sick last week, probably infected by the construction worker who split on him. Or possibly it’s psychosomatic. He is a bit sensitive to the whole assassination thing and people not liking him in general. He has fevered hallucinations of some Greek dude reading from Revelations.

Fearing his death, a “Circle of Trust” is called including Rohan, the queen, Bontemps, Fabien, Henriette and Philippe. Interestingly enough, the Circle is not trusted enough to be told when Louis recovers.

Thinking himself a genius, delirious Louis gets out of bed to invent a new dance craze.  (I’ve been told that’s how the macarena started.) He wants to see the gardener rather than Bontemps. Poor Bontemps is hurt that Louis doesn’t trust him and is going mad.


Jacques, the gardener tells Louis of the story of Louis’ father learning of “Art of War” from China. It taught him to “Appear weak when you are strong. Appear strong when you are weak.” Louis takes it to heart and doesn’t tell anyone after his fever breaks, so he can flush out traitors.


In the end Louis does what Louis always does, has a party and shows off his dance.


We get to see Louise’s hair cut before she is set free to a convent. (Louis gave her permission to leave. Possibly an act of thanks to God for saving him? Or did he realize she wasn’t an enemy he needed to keep under watch?) And we see Cavalier in prison listening to conspirators being drawn and quartered.

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous picture of fabulous Phillipe. I hated seeing him upset and ignored this week. Hopefully we’ll see more of him next week.



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