This week everyone is either sick, poisoned or in prison at Versailles, so no one is having sex. At least not in the American version. Louis wants to invade Holland with England’s help. Henriette loses her baby and is sent off to England to speak with her brother. Phillipe feels slighted by everyone, again. I think I now know why he puts up with his horrible boyfriend. And it turns out, Fabien may have actually fallen for Beatrice.

Our Favorite moments:



This week Fabien escapes Beatrice’s bed after she poisons him. He runs to Claudine for help and is saved. He suspected that Beatrice was lying about her family credentials. Her papers were dated 30 years before the paper they were forged on was even made. He could tell the ink ran differently, but he doubted his convictions. So, Phillipe isn’t the only one who lets sex get in the way of his better judgement. His doubts are cleared up when a messenger arrives with news that the real Beatrice has been dead for ten years.

Poor Fabien is reamed by Louis again, who thinks him incompetent over the threat on Henriette’s life. He simply says an attempt was made on his life, he didn’t mention how bad it was, or that he almost died. He is now biding his time, accumulating more evidence about the coup. I really like Fabien now. He’s become a strangely sexy Igor, watching over Dracula’s well-being.



Henriette suffers a miscarriage this week. Upon awakening, she asks about the King, with Phillipe standing beside her. Phillipe stomps out. I only feel badly for Phillipe on this – he was the only one who seemed to want this child. Louis later indicates to Henriette a belief that the baby was his.  Who knows, that may have been to get her to agree to the trip to England.



Cavalier is in prison. One adviser suggests he be tortured and killed; Rohan suggests he be set free as an example. A masked man threatens Cavalier to keep him quiet. The man insists Cavalier may be tortured, but he won’t be killed – the king wouldn’t kill his brother’s lover.  At this point the audience can’t play dumb anymore. How would these masked men be getting in and out of the prison and all the hallways!? We learn at the end of the episode that the man is probably Louis’ buddy Rohan. I’m not buying Cavalier’s motivation for keeping quiet. He has more to gain by letting the king know everything from the beginning, unless he was a willing part of the plot.

Louis’ diplomacy


Sir William of England visits Louis about invading Holland. Louis offers money and trade routes in Holland and reconciliation with Rome. He wants to send Henriette, the sister of King Charles of England, to discuss the matter.

Louis visits Cavalier in prison. Cavalier begs forgiveness, but honestly can’t give Louis the name of the masked man who recruited him. But he could have listed all the nobles at the last meeting. He’s an idiot.

Montcourt learns the identity of one of the masked men at their nobles’ meeting. None of the other nobles are questioning who these masked figures are that want them to commit treason? Hedging his bets against the nobles, and wanting his standing at Versailles back, Montcourt tells Louis of the plot to kill Henriette on her way to England. He turns in the guard, but never sees Rohan’s face in the meeting. We, however, see Rohan’s ring as he puts his arm around Louis at the end of the show.



This picture of Phillipe pretty much sums up how I feel about his character and the episode this week. We hear the old sibling rivalry issue repeated again. While racing horses, Louis says,“You could have won.” And Phillipe retorts, “But you would have lost. We can’t have that.” Quit putting yourself second, man!

Then Phillipe believes Cavalier’s betrayal is simply due to Cavalier being “gullible and easily influenced.” Louis rightly points out to Cavalier that he has “killed rabbits with more courage” and that Cavalier isn’t good enough for his brother. Is Louis going to actually start building his brother up?

Phillipe is angry that Henriette is being sent away on a diplomatic mission. His brother has complete control of his life and his wife. But Phillipe gets the consolation prize of Cavalier being released from prison. After pretending he is angry for Cavalier’s bad judgement, Phillipe takes Cavalier back; again, putting up with less. I agree with Louis on this one – he’s not good enough for Phillipe. Phillipe threatens that if Cavalier ever does anything like that again, he will not face public hanging, because he’ll kill Cavalier himself. Well, buddy, get your saber out – he’s already done it by not turning in Beatrice and the rest.

Phillipe does get the best line in the episode, as always. When Louis proposed a job for Phillipe, he responds, “A job? It’s not following you around, saying ‘yes’ all the time, perchance?” His job will be “etiquette.” It seems Louis likes having the nobles around fawning over him, but he doesn’t like their lack of decorum. I guess he wants his derriere kissed, not his butt. Phillipe is in charge of making the rules of etiquette, the social schedule, and bossing everyone around – even the king. This should be fun.

Louis watches Henriette’s carriage drive off with Montespan at his side. Maybe we’ll get back to sex as usual next week, in the 2-hour season finale.  Maybe we’ll learn if Rohan is actually plotting against the king, or if he is a plant. Maybe Montcourt is a plant. And maybe Phillipe will grow a pair.

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