We can move onto our holiday shopping, since everything is wrapped up in a tidy bow this week on Versailles. Louis arrests all the nobles who have been poisoning their own family and business partners. Fabien finds the satanic fortune teller from Louis’ clue. Louis toys with Montespan, letting her hang out in Versailles while he plays cat and mouse. And Cassel is killed by the historian, so Sophie’s conscience can be clean.

Philippe gives himself away with the historian/spy when he shares too much information. Louis is a little harsh with Philippe. It truly could have happened to anyone.

After last week’s jealous lover suicide attempt, Chevalier still wants to rip the historian apart. Philippe tries to calm Chevalier by telling him the truth about the counterintelligence. You’d think Chevalier would think it was exciting and want to play a part too, but no he doesn’t believe Philippe’s story. He stomps off, possibly upset that Philippe again thinks he can’t follow through with a threat.

Louis makes a last ditch to get the truth out of Montespan. When she only confesses to loving him, he dumps her. She goes to the priest to confess her sins. She confesses to all the sins she was defiantly proud of earlier this season.

Our Favorite moments:

In a strange turn of events, my favorite moments are all about Louis this week.

Louis’ Illumination

I love the looks on Louis face this week as he learns of all the betrayals by Montespan. Fabien gives him the fortune teller’s client book. He immediately finds Montespan.

Louis’ Ego Rears Its Head Again

With the words, “Never show your anger” ringing in our ears from Louis’ meeting with William of Orange, we see Louis again show his anger. The fortune teller insists he is no better than anyone else. IT was chance that he was born King and she was born a pauper. After Louis loses it, Bontemps, in a rare show of emotion, decks the fortune teller.

Louis Strikes Out

Louis asks for Maintenon’s opinion again. She insists he has the strength to make the decision. This differs from Montespan influencing Louis in favor of her opinions. Louis decides Maintenon is the new girl for him. At least he has broken it off with the mistress before starting up with another. Maintenon insists she can’t have a physical relationship with him. So the Queen had a true friend in Maintenon after all.

Louis’ Makes Chevalier a Real Boy

Chevalier does follow through with his threats against the historian to protect Philippe. When the spy attacks Philippe, leaving him knocked out, Chevalier shoots and kills him. Louis rewards Chevy with his own rooms and a monthly stipend, but cautions that he has to straighten up his act. Hopefully he’ll have more confidence, now that he doesn’t have to reply on Philippe for a living. Chevalier gratitude becomes a flamboyant babbling, so Louis shuts him down.

Montespan’s Betrayal

After confessing her sins to the priest, Montespan poisoned the Easter Sunday communion wine. Fabien gets the information out of Gaston in the nick of time. With one look, you know Louis can’t believe he allowed Montespan to wonder around free all this time. Who else would be so brazen.

After her final betrayal, Louis orders Montespan to remain at Versailles. She will be assigned to eternal penitence, no drinking, gambling or partying. She will have to live among the opulence, but remain pious. This is her worst nightmare. And then, even worst, Maintenon, her old friend, consoles Louis.

Here are our parting shots for Season Two. After rewarding Chevalier for his heroics, Louis promises to send Philippe to his destiny in the war against the Dutch. Philippe gives a sincere farewell to his new wife and finally gives his heart back to Chevy.

In the finale scene, Louis burns the fortune teller as a witch. She promises that Louis and his spawn are doomed. She isn’t wrong. Historically, Louis outlives all his sons and grandsons. And his great-great grandson met his end in the French Revolution. But Louis takes her curse in stride. And why not, his hair has never looked better.

Will Philippe make it home alive? Will Sweet Sophie find a good life now that Cassel and her traitor lover are both dead? Will Fabien find love or any feeling again? And who will Louis piss off next? (You know he will.) Find out in Season Three!

Photo Source: Versailles and Ovation TV

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