With nothing going his way, Louis shifts strategies in this episode.

Fabien survives being stabbed straight in the chest. Claudine says what we’re all thinking…

Fabien not only survives, the man is walking around and running his investigation the next day. He’s a machine, and when I say that I mean it literally. I still think he’s a robot.

Louis confronts the noble who murdered his Justice of Ministry. We’re still no closer to finding out who is behind it all. When Louis questions her, he gets the ominous answer that his enemy is “Satan”. So is the church behind this, with  Louis being led astray to Satan?

Louis tells the Bishop to get rid of the Queen’s priest. He has to face the repercussions when Therese’ threatens to go back to Spain.

During a hunting trip, Louis happens upon the gardener’s body. He’s not prepared to deal with this. Soon after he has to deal with the death of his newborn daughter by Montespan. He at least has a normal human reaction to the deaths. Montespan is still only focused on Montespan. You almost feel sorry for Louis.

Despite wanting to drag his country into the modern era of logic, Louis can’t shake the feeling that his daughter’s death may be due to his sins. Let’s be honest, he’s probably thinking it is his mistress’ sins. To cover his bases, he dismisses Claudine as his personal physician.

In addition to abandoning science and reason, Louis tries to reconcile with his virtuous wife. He gathers the nobles for a fire and brimstone speech about their sins.

Just as he reaches out to his wife, his mistress arrives in court. Oops! Therese stomps out of court.

When Therese’s creepy priest tries to console Montespan for the loss of her daughter, he also tries to make her repent for her sins. She instead brazenly harasses him and threatens to tell Louis that the priest prepositioned her.

Louis worries about his supporters abroad as they plan the war with the Dutch. His ministers are unsure of support of the Germans. When Louis points out that he just married his brother to the Palatinate’s daughter. Cassel opens old wounds about the war with Spain, despite the King marriage to the Spanish princess. I bet he’ll pay for that slight.

I hope he pays for more than that slight. My least favorite part of this episode is Cassel, proving he is still a pig and sewer rat, as Louis termed him. He rapes Sophie on their wedding night, even though it seemed she wasn’t going to put up a fight. I hope Sophie gets the conspiracy dirt on him and Fabien lets her torture him.

My Favorite moments:

Horseback Riding

Palatine laments her uneventful bedding ceremony. She confides in Sophie that she’ll have to get in a lot of horse back riding for a lack of husbandly duties and she’ll try reasoning with him.

Later Philippe declines Louis’ invitation to go hunting and Palatine goes in her husband’s stead. So she gets to go riding after all. Louis loves her company.

Philippe, Chevalier and Palatine

Philippe is growing tired of Chevalier’s spending. Chevy runs up a debt of 400,000 francs on Philippe’s tab, while gambling. Philippe finally loses his mind and tries to kill Chevy. Palatine intervenes. It’s a good thing she loves children, because she inherited two.


I loved Chevalier’s childish ego this week.

After seeing Philippe teaching the Poet/Historian to dance, he immediately goes to the tables and brazenly loses on Philippe’s account. Then after Palatine stops their fight, he stomps off after claiming he had the upper hand.

Montespan’s dead soul

The governess of Montespan’s daughter implores her to see the child. She refuses. I like this scene with its subtle acting on Anna’s part. Montespan gives the situation a second thought and snaps back any thought of the child. The baby was just a means to an end.

Second chances

With Fabien alive, he and Claudine have a second chance! But after Louis kicked her to the curb, she leaves the palace and gets drunk. Fabien arrives for no reason but to see her. But we’ll have to wait for this couple, she’s drunk so he simply tucks her into sleep.

Will the creepy priest be sent packing? Will Fabien go back to Claudine when she’s sober? Will the Queen go back to Louis? Will Philippe consummate this married to upset Chevalier? And when will this war start? Find out next week on Ovation TV.


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