Louis finally goes to war with the Dutch this week. It doesn’t go very well. Even though he loses forces on one front, he continues the fight because he had a ‘vision from God that I kill a man in battle’. The Dutch eventually request a truce, but Louis refuses. Why?

Because, as Louis explains, “They have not suffered sufficiently. The suffering is on his (the Dutch Monarch) terms.” This war is too personal to Louis. He wants the Dutch to suffer for kidnapping his son and generally being a pain in the ass.

The King eventually has a set back with the Dutch when they destroy their own dykes to flood the field and thwart the French. Louis’ vision comes true on the battlefield, but he thinks he’s killed himself. He’s actually stabbing muddy water, stirring up themurky waters of his mind.

Montespan is still worried about her position. Her main power at the court is in her socializing. The Queen cuts into that by closing the salons. But Therese honestly does that to prevent the murders, not threaten Montespan. Montespan goes to the fortune teller for help in dealing with Colbert’s niece. She backs down on poisoning the girl, when she realizes that the girl is just like she was years ago. The girl ends up dead anyway, drowned in the fountains after too much partying.

Sophie has started the process of poisoning her husband, the horrible Cassel. I’ve decided it’s alright, because everyone hates him. And Gaston is blackmailing nobles who seek the fortune teller’s “advice.” This isn’t alright. He’s already been given a second chance with the King and he’s betraying it.

Our Favorite moments:


The truly sucky part of the week is Claudine. She discovers the poison being used, but is murdered by the culprit. And Fabien had just announced he’d be leaving with Claudine rather than help Bontemps find the source of the drugs. Fabien is inadvertently sucked back in to the fray, however. As he hunts for Claudine’s murderer, he will ultimately find Versailles’ poisoner too.

A Humble Soldier?

While we wait for the battle to start, Louis is unsettled by the constant drumming from the Dutch side. Much to everyone’s delight, he shoots the drummer. The drumming was annoying. Later the Historian tells him that it is admirable for Louis to have chosen the “humble life of a soldier”. Humble? With these surroundings? War never looked so luxurious. I wonder if the other soldiers live this well?

Philippe as King

Philippe, who earlier had hoped to start an acting troop, gets the chance to act on his own.

A Sultan refuses to talk trade with a woman. So the Queen is forced to let Philippe pretend to be Louis. You know he loves this.

He turns down the contract negotiated by the ministers and the sultan’s men.

He ends up sealing a better deal, only after making the French ministers and Queen hold their breath.

Palatine’s pride in her husband

Palatine is the reason Philippe decides to help with the rouse over the sultan. She convinces him it will be fun and has been encouraging him to stake his own claim. Philippe quickly connects the dots of the major players and get’s his share of the deal. He also gets a better deal for France.

The Queen isn’t amused, but Palatine beams with pride. She’s the only one who believes in Philippe. Later Chevalier is upset too. If he loves Philippe so much, he shouldn’t be afraid of his man succeeding and growing a backbone.

The Orgy

To celebrate Philippe’s role as King Louis, he and Chevalier host a party. It immediately becomes an orgy. The Queen is once again, not amused by Philippe. It was all good fun, until Colbert’s niece ends up dead the next morning.

After his failed battle, the King and His advised take refuge in a monastery. Louis is livid. He doesn’t want his own men to know what the next move is for fear of spies. He still doesn’t realize, that He’s the one feeding the information to his historian-spy. Then all the chips fall and Louis is introduced to William of Orange at the monastery. Fancy the two of them running into the same monastery on the same day after the same battle.

Oh snap!

Will Sophie succeed in killing her husband? Will the priest’s murderer be discovered? Will Fabien find Claudine’s killer? Will Louis and William of Orange draw up a truce? I don’t think Louis will back down, because William is younger and cuter. Tune in next week to find out!

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