Louis, who landed in the exact same monastery as his enemy, starts negotiations with Holland’s newest leader, William of Orange. They get nowhere on a truce. But William manages to get under Louis skin with constant jabs of truth.

Back in France, the Queen launches her own Spanish inquisition, trying to find implicate Montespan in the death of Colbert’s niece. Even the promise of money can’t make Chevalier bear false witness against Montespan.

The Queen punishes Chevalier by shutting down the trade of his “cheap silks” in the court. There goes his uncle’s “Inheritance,” meaning his illegal drug trade. And Philippe has shut out Chevalier physically and financially.

Poor Sophie is propositioned by the horn dog, Gaston. He threatens to rat her out for slowly poisoning her husband. She threatens to rat him out as the poison supplier. Luckily she doesn’t have to worry about one more letch pawing her, because the Queen closes the salons after another death. All nobles are confined to their quarters.

A nun who attends to Louis at the Dutch monastery, confesses that she used to be a regular at court. She then starts to, ahem, “serve” her King again. It turns out she isn’t a huge fan of Louis. After becoming pregnant by a much younger Louis, she was denied at court, lost the baby and came to the nunnery. For some reason she doesn’t kill him, but she does tell him, “You don’t protect your subjects. You destroy them”. He covers her nakedness. Did this actually get through to him?

While Louis negotiates a truce with the Dutch, Palatine tries to find a truce with Chevalier over Philippe. She promises Philippe still loves Chevalier. Philippe only shares his bed with her out of obligation. Once she’s pregnant, Chevalier will be reinstated. Chevalier remains an insufferable baby about the whole situation.

Our Favorite moments:

The Queen and Fabien

The Queen is no idiot, she knows Fabien is her only hope to find Father Pascal’s murderer. Bontemps tries to pull him back to solve the murders. But after Claudine’s death, Fabien is beyond caring about the King, the nobles, and basically all of humanity. I think he’s decided to go back to being a robot.

Montespan’s paranoia

Last week Montespan was worried about Colbert’s niece. The girl’s death doesn’t squash Montespan’s paranoia. She’s now worried about her only remaining friend, having the hots for Louis. She continually drills the widow, asking if she has feelings for the King. Well, she never goes get an answer to the question.

Philippe and Palatine

Palatine attempts to make the most of her bad situation. She understands her husband will never love her, but she still needs a baby. She prompts Philippe to close his eyes and let his thoughts wonder to whatever he needs to make ‘the rabbit come out of his hole’ (Her words not mine.). It works.

Louis’ Nightmare

Louis manages to push William of Orange’s button, and the new Dutch leader stomps out in anger. Louis’ lets him know he’s disappointed, “You had a reputation for reserve. Never show anger.” But later William taunts Louis with intimate knowledge about the court, and gifts him a mask of a Bali witch. William goes on to suggest Holland should be negotiating with the one who’s really in charge: Montespan. Louis is then the one who loses his temper. But this breakdown in composure is what Louis needed to rebuild himself. Louis goes back to his room and crashes hard. His nightmare gives him relief.

Montespan turns into the Bali-witch and Henriette arrives to save him.

He wakes up to a crucifix. Will he find his answer in the church?

In the end the nun who tried to kill him forgives him. He offers to take her back to court. But she wishes to stay a nun and pray for the King.

Louis decides he will go back to Versailles and the army will continue to attack the Dutch. He thanks William for helping him.

So Louis thanks, and gives credit to his enemy, who has been spying on him. All this after He pushed away Philippe for giving him advice on strength, his wife for asking him to turn to the church, or Bontemps for warning him about Montespan.

Will Louis thank any of his loyal subjects? Will Fabien find Claudine’s killer? Can Chevalier hold on until Palatine becomes pregnant? Tune in next week to find out!

Picture Source: Versailles & Ovation TV

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