Louis returns from war just as the Queen is about to banish Montespan from court. Louis keeps Montespan in court, but shuts her out.

Since the Queen couldn’t banish Montespan, she inserts a new, pious woman, into Louis’s life – Madame Scarron. Louis enjoys the counsel of the Madame, Montespan’s truest friend, so much, that Madame ends up with lands and the title of Marquise de Maintenon before too long.

In her desperation for Louis’s attention, Montespan has a new dress made, and stages fireworks to announce her entrance at Louis’ big welcome home feast.

Stealing the limelight and interrupting Louis’ speech doesn’t go well for her. Louis storms out and Cinderella makes a hasty, embarrassed exit from the ball.

In an odd turn of events, a very sick Cassel confesses to Louis that he was part of the conspiracy to kill him in Season One. He claims he’s confessing because Louis trusted him again when others would not. Is his real motive to get back at the historian? He seems aware that Sophie is having an affair with the writer. Or is Cassel trying to knock the legs out from under Louis’s confidence?

Louis insists that Philippe has to “befriend” the historian and be counterintelligence. He is only willing because Louis leveraged Philippe’s business interests, which the King can easily take away. I guess even with Palatine pregnant, Chevalier will have to continue sharing Philippe.

Our Favorite moments:

Philippe worried about Palatine

Palatine is sick. With Claudine dead, the palace now has a quack doctor who wants to give her a transfusion of sheep’s blood. Philippe has clearly developed some affection for his wife, if not a physical love. She is the perfect counter to his older brother and Chevalier keeping him from greatness. He threatens the doctor and goes so far as to accuse Chevalier of attempted murder. It’s so sweet.

Philippe and Palatine

Before the quack doctor administers his barbaric care, he checks Palatine’s urine. Yup, she’s pregnant. Claudine would have considered that first.

Philippe is thrilled. But despite this being a joyous occasion, Palatine looks shocked. Is she shocked it happened so quickly? There is no way out of Versailles now. Or is she worried about giving Philippe back to Chevalier as she promised she would? She doesn’t want to go back to horseback riding.

Louis and Fabien

Bontemps finally convinces Louis that Fabien was needed to find the source of the poison. They find him tending to Claudine’s grave. He pulls no punches with Louis.

When he is asked back, Fabien insists he not be questioned again. Good for Fabien, not putting up with Louis’ crap.


While at the whore house doing research, Fabien learns about the priest that takes babies to the orphanage. He also learns Bontemps frequents the whore house. In a lighthearted moment between the two, Fabien tries to warn Bontemps that his transgressions are highly visible.

Louis and Montespan

Montespan works up the courage to confront Louis. Louis holds his resolve and tells her he no longer loves her. He doesn’t even believe it.

In the last scene Montespan runs to the priest who takes all the babies. He was recommended by the fortune teller. But he doesn’t have a cross on his ring! What is this guy doing taking care of babies!

Will Fabien finally find Claudine’s killer? Will Montespan try to poison Maintenon? Will Chevalier survive Philippe’s new duties? Tune in next week to find out!

Photo Source: Versailles  & OvationTV

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