This week, a lucky turn of events points Fabien in the direction of the priest’s orphanage. Louis, in his doubt, and maybe misguided purpose, draws closer to Maintenon. And Chevalier’s jealousy becomes uncontrollable when Philippe heats up his charade with the historian.

Montespan is all in with whatever the priest needs from her. She’s desperate to gain Louis’ love forever. She has some reservation when she realizes the baby is somehow involved. I guess if she can block out all feeling for her and Louis’ own child – this one is of no consequence.

The Queen is also attempting to win Louis’ love in a more conventional way. She asks her new friend, Montespan’s old bestie, for advice on making the bedroom spicier. I’d say any flavor at all would be a good start, since Louis hasn’t touched her this whole series. Hmm, that was awkward. Maintenon suggests God is the greatest way to save her marriage. Since Louis thinks God speaks directly to him, maybe Maintenon has something there. The Queen sends another of Montespan’s old cronies to spy on her.

The Queen’s new spy catches Montespan the act of stealing one of the King’s nightshirts. Montespan needs his sweat for a satanic spell. Montespan kills the Queen’s assistant to hide her deception.

After workers unearth a mass grave of babies, Fabien quickly tracks down the satanic priest. I did NOT think the priest was actually sacrificing babies. But it seems he is. That’s a weird twist. Fabien catches the priest during the satanic ritual. The baby is saved too, but Montespan and her fortune teller get away.

Our Favorite Moments:

Philippe’s Concern

Louis’ war is getting out of hand. One of Louis’ commanders massacres the people in the Palatinate, the home of Philippe’s wife. She is now pregnant and stuck at Versailles. I am a little proud of Louis over this. He complains the commander wasn’t acting under His orders, but Louis ultimately takes responsibility.

Chevalier’s Jealousy

Philippe continues to feed information to the historian/spy. Louis is happy with the results so far. It’s a part Philippe was born to play.

Chevalier can’t stand it anymore. He pulls a gun on Philippe and then himself, threatening suicide. Philippe doesn’t believe he’d go through with it, but it turns out the gun was loaded. It’s just casually waved off when the guards come. I think Philippe should send Chevalier packing after this scene, but he doesn’t.

Chevalier then follows the historian, not knowing that Philippe is a counterspy, and gets beaten to a pulp. Philippe knocks his ego a bit more when he tells him Chevy he has to leave the King’s historian alone.

Louis’ Doubt

While sitting in prayer, Louis gets impatient and starts yelling at God. He seems genuinely surprised when God doesn’t answer him.

Maintenon unapologetically interrupts the King’s prayers for her own. She counsels him again. I don’t think the Queen had this is mind when she assigned Maintenon to Louis duty.

Palatine’s Strength

After consult with Maintenon, Louis finally goes to confront Palatine about the massacre of her people. Again, he doesn’t claim it is anyone but his responsibility. His apology falls on deaf ears as he reminds the Princess that she is a basically a prisoner now that she carries Philippe’s child. He needs to work a little in the compassion department.

Fabien’s Revenge

Fabien has the pleasure of torturing the satanic priest. The priest won’t give up any of the people involved. But he happily tells Fabien how Claudine died. That’s one way to end the torture before it really began! Fabien will probably beat himself up for getting emotional, but it was totally worth it.

In the end, Louis remembers the fortune teller’s labyrinth card from a picture in the satanic book Fabien found. Will this memory lead to the fortune teller’s confession? Will Montespan be outed, or does Louis already suspect her? Will Palatine get away from Versailles? Will the Queen learn of all of Maintenon and Louis’ snogging? And who will take care of that baby Fabien saved?

Find out in the season finale next week!

Photo Source: Ovation TV & Versailles

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