Each season Michael Hirst kills off swaths of important, and not so important characters. But no matter how critical they are to your favorite story lines, some fan in the Viking-verse, was probably devastated. So as a lead up to our next season, let’s spend some time remembering the dead.

  1. King Aethelwulf

It seems crazy that King Aethelwulf died first last season. It feels like yesterday. And the vacancy of his throne, created the rivalry between his sons.


  1. “Not Lagertha”

Remember the sacrifice of “Not Lagertha?” Ivar needed a great sacrifice to celebrate his deification. Despite all the preseason lead-up, we all knew, it wasn’t Lagertha. Lagertha was in England after losing Kattegat.


  1. 50% of the Iceland Settlement

Rivalries and revenge killings in Iceland started early. Most of the settlers died of starvation or revenge before the first half of the season was over.


  1. Bjorn’s 3rd wife (Don’t worry. He’s already over it.)

The season started slowly. But by the end of Episode 10, the blood was flowing. Bjorn’s Laplander wife was the first significant victim of the battle to reclaim Kattegat. I never learned her name.


  1. Halfdan the Black

In the second battle against Ivar, many fell. Halfdan was killed by his own brother, King Harald. Harald had promised to kill his brother if they fought each other. Unlike Ragnar, Halfdan was able to follow through.


  1. Torvi’s son

Guthrum was probably too young and inexperienced to be fighting. He was killed by Hvitserk when Lagertha loses Kattegat. I wonder if Torvi seeks revenge against Hvitserk in Season 6.


  1. Astrid

Lagertha killed Astrid to end her suffering with King Harald and her baby. I don’t understand why Astrid couldn’t have just gone back to Lagertha.


  1. All Hope of Learning Lagertha & Rollo’s Backstory

Rollo says he won’t ever see Bjorn and Lagertha again. Rollo never lies. Hirst wouldn’t confirm Bjorn’s paternity. Nor did we ever learn the backstory of Rollo and Lagertha!


  1. Lagertha’s Pride

First she rapes Harald, in a sad attempt to show her power. Then she goes to England with Heahmund. He proves to be that guy who chooses him mama over his wife. His desire to return to God takes over. He treats her like a mistress, and waffles on their relationship. She should have killed him.


  1. Margrethe

Once Ivar is in control, heads roll. He kills off anyone who disagrees with him, starting with Margrethe.


  1. Baldur’s Dad

Freydis had quite the killer instinct. To convince Ivar he’s a god, she gets pregnant by an unnamed slave. She then protects the paternity of Baldur, by killing off the baby’s daddy.


  1. The Seer

The Seer wouldn’t play Ivar’s narcissistic game, and pretend Ivar was a god. It’s too bad the gods didn’t give the guy an advanced vision. Ivar killed him.


  1. Heahmund

Bishop Heahmund, in his hubris, dies in battle. It looked like Lagertha was a distraction in battle. It serves him right.


  1. Prince Aethelred

To protect King Ecbert’s vision for England, Queen Judith does the unthinkable. She poisons her own son.


  1. Thora

Hvitserk and Thora were arguable the cutest couple last season. Sweet Thora is killed by Ivar’s men for her family’s defiance of Ivar.


  1. Baldur

Ivar believes Baldur is his son. Since the child is born deformed, why wouldn’t he? Did Ivar leave Baldur to die of exposure, to end the baby’s suffering? Or did Baldur die to protect Ivar’s image as a god.


  1. Queen Judith

Judith dies of breast cancer. I wonder if we will see anyone from England in Season 6.


  1. Floki

We don’t know, but have to assume, that Floki died in a collapsed cave, after a volcanic quake. He was seeking the home of the gods. The cave contained a cross. Oh the irony.


  1. Magnus

Magnus was cast out by the English as a teenager, and denied by the Ragnarsons. But Harald seems to have adopted him in the end as a true Viking. It’s nice that Hirst didn’t make his life completely meaningless.


  1. Freydis

It was the final death for Season 5, and the ultimate sign of Ivar’s depravity. Ivar killed Freydis for letting Bjorn in the gates.

Tune in next week for a quick review of all the action in Season 5.

Picture source: History Channel, Vikings, & Jonathan Hession

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