Vikings started out by seeking new things and experiencing things for the first time. I thought it would be fun to remember a few of the “firsts” experienced on our favorite show. Here is a quick list!

First Ragnar eye-roll: To whom did Ragnar throw his first eye-roll? Rollo, of course! When explaining how to navigate to the West, Rollo questions, “What if there is no sun?” (Snuffs out the candle)


Those eye-rolls just kept on coming after that, didn’t they? There was the time Rollo said they needed to be equal; the time he volunteered to be baptized; the time he tried entering negotiations between Borg and Horik—wait. I have to stop. This is its own top 10 list!


First time we saw the Seer’s hand licked: (Bleck!) Ragnar asks the Seer about his future. Luckily, the lighting was too bad for us to really see it. This ritual still sickens me.


The first raid at Lindisfarne caused two other firsts: Lagertha was pretty pissed when Ragnar wouldn’t let her go on the first raid West. It caused the first knock-down, drag-out fight between the two. Bjorn had to break it up. And remember when Athelstan actually believed the Viking invasion was the End Times? The first time Ragnar and Athelstan meet, Ragnar’s curiosity about the priest was the only thing that saved Athelstan.


First shield wall: Can you believe the first “SHIELD WALL!” wasn’t yelled until the fourth episode? Lindisfarne was easy pickings. No pagan horde battles were needed until English soldiers captured the boats. No wonder Vikings took a few seasons to really catch on!


First Judith: Remember the first actress who played Judith? Aethewulf seemed far fonder of her than the later version. In his defense, first Judith wasn’t so uppity and hadn’t slept with his dad! But we like uppity Judith.


First time Rollo had the living crap beat out of him: It has happened every season so far. This first time, Haraldson’s goons capture and torture Rollo to find Ragnar’s whereabouts. It took Rollo more time to recover from Season Two’s punishment, but he never lost the scars from Season One!


First time Ecbert puts Aethelwulf’s life on the line: When Ecbert wanted to meet Ragnar, Ecbert insisted that a hostage was needed, and volunteered his son. “The most valuable hostage is the safest.” Whatever you say, Dad. How many times now has Dad tried to martyr Aethelwulf?


First time Floki said, “Priest”: Oh, it was so innocent back then. Athelstan made a comparison between their two faiths when Floki said the gods would provide. Floki laughed it off. Man, things went downhill quickly from there.


First time Rollo was baptized: We know this one didn’t take. After Floki’s harassment, Rollo goes out of his way to kill as many Christians as possible. We’ll see if his second baptism in Paris takes.


First time Ragnar and Ecbert meet: Ecbert has Ragnar strip down and get in his really big bath to discuss terms. Ecbert claims, ”Now we are equal.” I don’t think either of these men understand what that word truly means.


And finally, the first time we saw the sun in Kattegat: When Ragnar shows Rollo how the sun stone works. Actually, this may be the only time we’ve seen sun in Kattegat.


I hope to see you next week. I may start my favorite moments from Season One or a recap of Ragnar’s best eye-rolls! He’s given Floki a few, Bjorn a few, Lagertha a few!


Leslie Gayle

Leslie is a one time CPA, wife and mom of twins. She’s an over thinker who loves karate, thunder, and travel. Her sweatpants are yoga pants and she takes her coffee with milk.

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