There has been more activity from Vikings on social media. Maybe this is a signal that the History Channel is about to announce a return date for Vikings. The History Channel needs to feel the heathen army breathing down their neck, to kick this season into gear. In an attempt to please the gods and make that announcement happen, we should remind History why we love Vikings, and what their fans are missing.

Here are ten things we’ve all missed about Vikings this Summer:


#1. Vikings Behaving Badly! Our troop has become a little more civilized. But they still eat with their hands and sacrifice to the gods. We need more broken dishes in our lives.


#2. Rollo randomly waxing philosophic! He started out this season pointing and grunting. Now that he can speak the Frankish language, I hope he has something more to say than, “Yes, dear.” Maybe History can throw in a few #RollLikeRollo quips too.

3. EcbertPhilo

#3. Ecbert randomly waxing poetic! I miss the random poetry quotes from King Ecbert and his Shakespearean-ish monologues. He does a mean monologue, complete with the hands flailing and intonations. I really hope we see him die mid-soliloquy, as he stares into an unfinished abyss.

4. Twitter1 5. twitter2


#4. Awesome Advertising Campaigns! How much fun was History Channels’ Twitter raids on Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead? I hope we see something similar in the weeks leading up to Episode 11.


#5. Baby Goats and Boats! You know you love them. Viking life wouldn’t exist without them. Both are a means of survival. Both are a great form of therapy! I actually find myself seeking out petting zoos and waterfronts now.


#6. The Art that is Vikings! Despite the absolutely horrible lighting depicted in Scandinavia, very few shows, or movies, can beat the cinematography, costuming and scene set up, you find on Vikings. It’s just so pretty. In fact, I write these recaps as an excuse to look at the pretty pictures from the show.


#7. Battle Scenes! Shield Wall! Our blood lust has been starved for too long. Paris had two big river battles. Eh, they didn’t compare to the land battles of past seasons, or the tower grudge match this season. Hopefully we’ll see some good stuff when Ragnar’s sons get back to England. We need some battle scenes with CRUNCH.


#8. Floki’s smile! Awww! We all miss his childish giggles and quirky OCD hand motions. He had it rough the last two seasons. I hope he catches a break and finds his laugh. And I hope he and Ragnar can be friends again.


#9. Lagertha Kicking Ass! Every man still wants her and every woman still wants to be her. Apparently some women want her in the second half of Season 4 as well. She always manages to get through battle with perfect hair and accessories unscathed. She’s flawless!


#10. Ragnar! Granted he’ll be changed when we return to this season. But he’ll still be Ragnar, eye rolls and all.

Feel free to add your own favorite things in the comments below. If the gods inspire me, we’ll have new favorite moments next week. Otherwise I’ll start highlights of Season 4 until Episode 11 appears.

Leslie Gayle

Leslie is a one time CPA, wife and mom of twins. She’s an over thinker who loves karate, thunder, and travel. Her sweatpants are yoga pants and she takes her coffee with milk.

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