As I continue to watch much-anticipated Fall TV, I still am left with an unfulfilled void in my easily distracted heart. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy watching Poldark. But it doesn’t truly scratch that itch, like Vikings. Ross is marvelous. But he is TOO perfect and too broody. Sometimes I just want to slap him and scream, “Get over it!” or “That guy totally deserves it. Beat the crap out of him!” So for this week’s Vikings’ relief, we’ll discuss why Vikings make better boyfriends than Ross Poldark.

1. Poldark gets upset with Demelza when she makes his life difficult. But he always forgives her. Like for that time she ran around playing matchmaker. Poldark should have it so rough. Ragnar endures far worse trials from Lagertha’s exploits.


2. Poldark will always defend a woman’s honor.  Vikings are defenders of the fairer sex.


3. But unlike Poldark, Vikings also know when a woman can handle herself. And not just as eye candy at dinner parties.


4. Vikings are as sensitive as Ross.


Sometimes really sensitive.


Okay, they can get a little possessive.


5. Ross didn’t go out of his way to win over Demezla’s father. Vikings make their intentions very clear to dad. They show up at the front door to meet the parents. No flowers though – just the blood of their kinsmen.


6.Vikings are great with children.


7. As I mentioned, Poldark is often too broody and moody for me. Viking men don’t make the women folk suffer through all that. If a guy gets broody, he goes raiding. And when he comes back, a Viking happily puts up with your crazy.


No. I mean your real crazy.



Ladies, you have to admit, a man who will put up with your real crazy is worth his weight in pillaged gold.

8. Poldark takes the high road against his enemies, time and time again. And they keep coming back for more. Honestly, sometimes it’s satisfying to see a guy take charge and just shut that crap down. Who needs the drama?


9. They are willing to admit their shortcomings, sort of.


10. And last, but not least, Vikings take their shirt off FAR more often than Poldark. It’s true. Extra special thanks goes to @TeamParmenter for creating this video for the readers!


There are seven more weeks until Vikings returns on November 30th.  Tune in here next Thursday and we’ll continue our therapy sessions.

Image source: http://www.history.com/shows/vikings


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