There is no quiz this week. I had planned on doing a quiz and then I saw the premier of MacGyver. I was in too much shock to think about merely highlighting an episode of Vikings with a quiz.

MacGyver was one of the few shows I’d hoped would entertain me until Vikings returned. See, I grew up in a family of engineers. I’ve had one unshakable belief since childhood: that a good heart, a keen mind, and a roll of duct tape can save the world. The original MacGyver gave me that belief. But this new MacGyver has destroyed my faith in humanity. Ok, this might be a bit melodramatic.

With Vikings not back for another two months, I was left distraught and lost. I NEED my VIKINGS to come back! But then I remembered, Vikings IS coming back. Maybe not in time to save humanity from yet another zombie apocalypse, courtesy of MacGyver or Van Helsing (yes, Van Helsing was another disappointment). But I will make it to November 30th. Because I still believe a good heart, a keen mind and now, an AXE, can… well, maybe not save the world. But it sure kicks all other shows’ butts. And my Season 4A DVDs will here next week!

So instead of a quiz, here are 12 reasons why Vikings is soooooo much better than the new MacGyver. And they had less to work with in the Middle Ages.

1. MacGyver went to MIT. Vikings don’t have a formal education, but they are curious to learn new things too.
2. And Vikings have always used science to solve problems.


3. MacGyver spoke a little Italian to blend in. Whatever. Vikings learn languages to assimilate with locales too.

4. The world isn’t always black and white, like Hollywood often portrays it. Despite some of our Vikings’ questionable deeds, they are still very honest when it matters.


5. Even better, Vikings don’t assume everyone is stupid. They don’t need to verbalize ALL their thoughts with voiceovers and constant dialogue. Yet we know what they’re thinking.


6. Vikings are willing to risk their very souls to infiltrate the enemy.
7. They can break in to the high-security areas without a cloned fingerprint, too.
8. Remember when Rollo stopped that machine at the gates in Paris? Oh yes, Vikings understand levers and force ratios, just like MacGyver.

And again, Rollo didn’t need incessant voiceovers to explain these things to the audience.


9. MacGyver uses a Swiss Army knife. Vikings take care of most problems with knives, axes, blunt objects, whatever’s available.
10. This new MacGyver has a team. Vikings have always worked as a team.
11. With or without their backup team, Vikings shoot straight under pressure.
12. And finally, their charm under pressure, is second only to James Bond’s.

“Who has the key?”

I feel better now. Next week, we’ll choose a higher quality of show, and discuss why Vikings make better boyfriends than Poldark.

Leslie Gayle

Leslie is a one time CPA, wife and mom of twins. She’s an over thinker who loves karate, thunder, and travel. Her sweatpants are yoga pants and she takes her coffee with milk.

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