Warning Major Spoilers if you haven’t seen this episode!

We have another week with little action. I expect a big unresolved fight next week with the midseason finale.

Bjorn marries Ingrid, in a dream-like sequence. Party scenes are looped between ceremony moments. At the celebration, Erik is amazed that Gunnhild isn’t jealous. She slights Erik, subtly reminding everyone that his name denotes no accomplishments. She’s usually gracious. So she probably feels a little jilted.

Gunnhild reminds Ingrid of Freya’s story. She speaks of Freya’s Brísingamen necklace, paid for with sex with the dwarves. And when Odin is away she cries tears of gold. She tells Ingrid there is no time for pettiness and jealousy when you are married to a demi-god.

She insists Bjorn go to his new bride on their wedding night. She even tells him she can’t respect him if he doesn’t follow through with his decisions. Me thinks Bjorn jumped into another hasty marriage.

Then, as with Freya, Gunnhild cries golden tears.  Does she believe women have to put up with a man like Bjorn, for Freya’s adultery?

Erik’s men attack Rus scouts near Kattegat. Ivar is with them. While retreating, Ivar finds Hvitserk waiting. He takes him back to Kiev.

Hvitserk is willing to help Ivar again. And Ivar doesn’t kill Hvitserk when he learns of Lagertha’s death!

Maybe Ivar thinks Hvitserk is delusional about Lagertha. Or maybe he accepts his and Hvitserk’s fates. The verdict is out on whether Ivar wants to kill Hvitserk.

In Iceland, Bjorn and Torvi’s new child is born. Then strangeness abounds. It is as if the island has become a Twilight Zone of criminals and liars. The wanderer claims to have never met Floki. He later confessed to being a monk named Athelstan and knowing Floki. Flatnose hadn’t lied about Floki walking away, or about killing rival settlers. But something else is rotten in Iceland.

Bjorn sends Erik to the capital to ask King Harald to join forces against the Rus. It turns out Bjorn doesn’t completely trust Erik, the outlaw. It’s Bjorn’s protection that keeps Erik alive, because exiles can be killed on site. Harald knows Erik to be an outlaw as well. And Harald wants Erik executed when he arrives.

Olaf convinces Harald to listen to Erik first.

Harald isn’t enjoying having to compromise as King. Harald swallows his pride, and allows an alliance with Bjorn. But Bjorn’s men have to defend the capital first, not Kattegat.

My Favorite Moments


We all know that look on Ubbe’s face when a hooded stranger approaches. We were all thinking it too. My stomach dropped. Floki? No – there is no Floki. Meeting the wanderer is good enough for Ubbe. The wanderer claims he arrived after Floki disappeared.

Why is This Taking So Long?

Ubbe wonders why Torvi’s labor is so long. I’m reminded of his father, Ragnar, worrying. Ivar did the same. The Lothbrok men are not good with suffering women. Ubbe finally shows concern when he sees the knife they may use, to save the baby. Luckily, Torvi survives.


Hvitserk happens to be in the area when Ivar’s scouts are attacked. They fall right back into their groove. Ivar has a new appreciation for Hvitserk.

The Honeymoon’s Over

Gunnhild lobbies for an alliance with Harald to protect Kattegat. Ingrid shows her fangs and pettiness. She reminds everyone in the room that Harald asked Gunnhild to marry him. Bjorn ignores his new wife and agrees with Gunnhild. Bjorn needs to kick Ingrid to the curb. She didn’t think of Kattegat first, only herself.

The Land That Time Forgot

Ubbe announces his son will be named Ragnar. He also announces that the wanderer’s prayers for Torvi, where of an English persuasion – to the Christian God. Torvi’s look is priceless.

And even better, the wanderer “confesses” to being a monk named Athelstan. He took the wanderer Othair’s name, after meeting a sick wanderer, who died. He assumed the man’s identity to escape his monk life. But in a rare clarifying flashback, Hirst tells us that this “monk” actually killed the man Othair.

Ubbe wishes to execute the man for being Christian and lying to everyone. But Torvi outs Ubbe for his baptism in England. Why was Torvi still carrying their old crosses around? And why is no one else in the settlement shocked at these confessions?

Crazy After All These Years

After meeting Queen Katya, Ivar wants confirmation from Hvitserk. He asks if Katya reminds Hvitserk of anyone?

Hvitserk doesn’t see the resemblance. Hvitserk is still crazy enough to poke a crazy bear.

Regrets, I Have a Few

Ivar looks out at the forces Oleg has amassed against Norway. Ivar’s look tells us he regrets his role, as Oleg announces the end of the pagan gods.

Will Bjorn submit to Harald’s rule to save Kattegat? Or will Harald give Bjorn the crown, since being King hasn’t been fun? Has Bjorn realized Ingrid was a mistake? Or will Gunnhild, who was certain she would be the “Queen of All Norway,” leave Bjorn for Harald? Tune in the midseason finale to find out!

Picture source: History, Vikings, Bernard Walsh & Johnathon Hession

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