Vikings returns for its sixth and final season on December 4th, on History Channel.  Here is a no spoiler preview of what’s in store for fans!

Warning: Contains spoilers from Season 5!


Beautiful cinematography

Early previews are showing great shots, like this:

And this:


Ubbe’s Face Tats

Enough said. I love Ubbe’s new look. I hope we learn who, or what, inspired it.


Floki Resolution?

Floki’s fate was left open at the end of Season 5. I assume he is truly gone. But Flatnose arrives in Kattegat after killing off an entire bloodline at the Iceland Settlement. Was he cast out? Has he decided he wants his own power? He is shown speaking with Olaf. Is he back to cause trouble? Either way, Ubbe can be heard saying he wants to search for Floki. Will we learn Floki’s fate?


Bjorn’s Fickleness

Grunnhild chose Bjorn over Harald while in England. Bjorn claimed she is the only woman he truly ever loved and trusted. But how long will it last? I’m only going off of photos released, and Bjorn’s history of never stays in one place for long. Will he stay with Grunnhild or even the good people of Kattegat.

Or will Bjorn try to win back Torvi and finally be a father to his kids? (How many children did these two have anyway? At one point I counted three or four?)


The Rus Vikings

Ivar lands in Russia and is taken in by a far travelled tribe of Vikings – the Rus Vikings. Ivar’s adventure in Russia feels a bit like Bjorn’s travels to North Africa and the weirdness Rollo found in Paris. However, the acting and storyline are stronger than those detours. Per the previews, Ivar’s new friend wants Ivar’s help to invade Scandinavia.


Ivar’s Guilty Mind

Ivar meets a dark haired Freydis doppelganger among the Rus.

Is the goddess Freyda tormenting Ivar, or does he develop a conscience.


More Brotherly Water Battles

Will the defeated Ivar unleash the Russians upon his own people? The Rus Viking’s arrival brings another ship battle. Does the invasion unify the Vikings clans against the invaders? Or is Ivar using the battle to secure Bjorn’s Kingdom against Harald? The images of Bjorn and Ivar, reminded me of the Rollo/Ragnar battles.


Previews show Ivar and Bjorn on the same beach after the battle. After all the blood Ivar has shed, why has Bjorn not killed him?

Find out all the answers starting December 4th on History. And in the coming weeks watch for a recap of all the action from Season 5.

Here is the official History Channel Trailer.


Picture source: History Channel, Vikings, Bernard Walsh & Jonathan Hession

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