This year has been hectic and the release of Vikings’ last episodes has not been spared. In a year with more binge watching than the world has ever seen, the second half of Vikings Season 6 never arrived. For years, we all knew “Coming this Fall” meant two weeks before the winter solstice. This year, “Later in 2020,” became December 30, one day shy of the end of 2020! Can a production be considered the second half of a season, if it airs OVER a year after the first half?

Not only will Vikings run late, it will also be on a different platform. Most can watch the Viking world end, along with the train wreck that was 2020. All episodes will be available to fans on Amazon Prime from December 30, 2020 – March 30, 2021. All others have to wait until March 2021 or later to see all episodes on History Channel.

Amazon released the following description for the last ten episodes, “As we approach the end of our epic saga, the tumultuous conflict between the Rus and Vikings comes to a conclusion with grave consequences. While in Iceland, Ubbe is determined to fulfill his father Ragnar’s dream and sail further west than any Viking has traveled before. And there is unfinished business in England.

The Vikings have established settlements there, and over-run most of the country – except for Wessex. The King of Wessex, Alfred the Great, is the only Saxon ruler to seriously challenge their complete domination. Ivar the Boneless must again face, in battle, the King he only knew as a boy for a final reckoning.”

As a reminder, as of episode ten, we left Torvi and Ubbe in Iceland with a maniac and an ex-Viking who assumed a Christian monk’s identity. The rest of Vikingdom was in Norway, liking its wounds, after a battle between Norway and the Rus. The Rus and Ivar won. Bjorn and Harald had fallen on the battlefield.

Here are ten spoiler-free things I can tell you about the last ten episodes.

  1. “Previously on Vikings” is still voiced by Travis Fimmel.
  2. The show still has some of the most beautiful cinematography of any series.

  1. Bjorn survived the last battle. Amazon’s teaser shows Bjorn arriving on the battlefield against Ivar and the Rus.

  1. King Harald also survived the last battle. In promotional photos, Harald is seen sitting with Ivar. That makes two cliffhangers, where Harald looked mortally wounded and survived.

  1. Episode titles still have meaning across several storylines. In fact, some of the titles are recycled from past seasons. “All Change” is an old episode title from Season One!
  2. Ubbe, Jordan Patrick Smith, is Ragnar, with all his rationale and eye rolls. Although Ivar is Ragnar too. And Bjorn is Ragnar. And even Hvitserk is Ragnar.
  3. Show writer, Hirst, mostly accomplishes what he said he wanted to accomplish with the series. If you’re a major fan who has followed interviews with the writer, you’ll know where he wanted the series to end.
  4. Asa, the cutest Viking in the history of Vikingdom, and Bjorn’s only definite heir, is back. The Lothbrok boys don’t have a great record for keeping their children alive, so we have to keep an eye out for her.

  1. Torvi still looks younger than her fourth husband, Ubbe. If you remember from Season One, Torvi is actually older than, or very close in age to, Bjorn. Will she end up going 100% grey, instantly, like Lagertha?
  2. Ragnar is still dead. Although, Hirst does like using flashbacks and ghosts. So you may see him and a few other favorites.

Bonus teaser: You need to stick around for the last episode. Die hard fans will be so very happy.

In other Vikings news, Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) and Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) both got engaged during the pandemic. Each are engaged to other people, not each other. That would be weird, even for Michael Hirst’s plotlines.

Vikings can be seen starting December 30th on Amazon Prime. It will also air on History Channel after March 30, 2021. All past seasons of Vikings are currently available on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned to for the last Vikings’ recaps after December 30th.


Picture source: Amazon Prime & Vikings

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