This week’s episode of The Walking Dead is a festival of feelings, people. Rick and Daryl go to White Castle have an excellent adventure make a grocery run and find Jesus (but not in the churchy way), we examine the concept of family in the post-apocalyptic world, and there is a jaw-dropping, squeeful turn of events. Spoilers, as always, abound. You know the deal.

Shall we? Let’s do.

Favorite moments:

Michonne asks Rick to pick up some toothpaste. It’s been two months since the events in which the meat poncho fashion show escape attempt failed. Everyone is positively domesticated at this point. Carl’s mostly healed up and sporting a bandage over his eye hole. Judith must’ve made it through somehow with Gabriel because there she is playing with a red Solo cup on the floor. (No sign of Gabe. I’m hoping he got eaten off screen.) And Michonne and Rick are all bantery about toothpaste, and it is adorable.

Denise asks Daryl to get some “pop” for Tara, who apparently talks about it in her sleep. Denise continues to be the woobiest of woobies. Because how freaking cute is she asking Daryl to get her girlfriend a treat that she will either love or hate or whatever – she just wants to surprise Tara but you, know, don’t go out of your way, Daryl. Also: the hand waving. I die.

Daryl hates when Rick plays his music in the car and sings. His resigned, “Don’t. Please don’t.” is the BEST. It’s like he’s afraid Rick is going to start telling awful dad jokes next. In fact, you know what? In my head canon, that’s exactly what happens. Rick plays terrible music and tells knock-knock jokes the whole time until Daryl starts actively rooting for a huge walker stampede, an encounter with outlaws, anything to get him to stop. I’ll fight anyone who tries to tell me different.

Also, in my head canon, Rick eats this chocolate bar directly from Daryl’s hand:

Spencer kills Deanna. Several things to love here. Michonne follows him and then insists on helping when she figures out what his mission is. Carl is the one to lead Deanna to them so Spencer can kill her, which poignantly echoes Carl’s experience with Lori. Michonne tells Spencer that family and home still exist.

Which brings us to Michonne’s conversation with Carl on the porch. This is the moment when I became both teary and annoyed. Teary: when Carl tells Michonne he couldn’t kill Deanna because it had to be someone who loved her (obviously thinking of his own mom) and then says, “I’d do it for you.” Annoyed: because goddamnit. I think I really like Carl now. Chandler Riggs really has done so much with that character. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE, CHANDLER RIGGS. I hope you’re happy.


Can we talk about Jesus and his miraculous rooftop ride? Someone explain to me why Daryl felt the need to hop out of the truck and pursue him on foot. Apparently, in the zombie apocalypse, humans regularly outrun motorized vehicles. Also – was I the only one who wanted Rick and Daryl to force Jesus to walk on water and go get their shit after the truck sank?

And last, but certainly not least, RICHONNE! HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME! It was so, so fantastic to see these two people who are basically war buddies just sort of plopped down on the couch after a long, shitty day, checking out the baby monitor and catching up with each other. I loved seeing them just be completely mundane and a little jokey. And then this happened:


And then I died. And I came back to life because it was about fucking time these two noticed each other that way! And then I died again:


I don’t know what makes me more nervous – Rick turning into a human being, Michonne joining the ranks of Rick’s romantic partners (because their survival rate is not good), or that kiss when we know damn well there has been no toothpaste in that house for quite some time. Oh yeah, and that Jesus guy who is at best some kind of creeper. All I know is, the times they are a-changing.

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