First, a collective moment of silence for all those of us who died of feelings during last week’s episode. Okay, we’re actually just reliving that kiss.

Now, then. Everybody with us? When last we left off, Jesus had rudely interrupted Rick and Michonne’s blissful slumber. Apparently, he flies through the air and can enter homes unnoticed. Now that I think of it, he might be Santa Claus.

Anyhoo. This week, we find out just what the heck he so urgently needed to discuss. He informs the group that there are other settlements out there, not just his, and that their world is going to get a lot bigger. Our heroes are cautiously optimistic because the food, she is running low. More settlements and the possibility of trade intrigues them. They agree to accompany Jesus back to his home, which as we all know can only end in either bloodshed, human barbecue, or both.


Favorite moments:

Abe and Sasha on patrol. As they stroll along bantering about camel shit, we (and by we, I mean me) suddenly realize that there’s chemistry here. They aren’t just bros. Sasha knows it’s not a good sitch because Abe is with Rosita, and she very diplomatically opts to change shifts. Abe’s look of dismay says everything we need to know about that. Especially when it turns out he’s reminiscing about Sasha while in bed with Rosita. Ruh-roh.

Rosita made Abe a necklace from a shard of brake light! Not only is this a sweet moment, but the Pinterest nerd in me rejoiced to see that crafty accessorizing survives in the zombie apocalypse.

How badass is Carl pointing that gun at Jesus when he catches him in the house? I’m officially Team Carl now. Somewhere, in an alternate timeline, season one me is clutching her head in disbelief.

Also, how great is it when Jesus tells Carl about Rick and Michonne and calls them “your mom and dad?”

Avert your eye, Carl!

This next one isn’t really a favorite moment, per se, but it deserves recognition nonetheless: everything Abe says ever.


I’m very skeptical when the group arrives at the Hilltop and Rick basically hands Maggie the reins to negotiate with Gregory, especially as I have a pet theory that Gregory is in fact a walker since we all know he died from radiation when he was Jack Bauer’s douche boss on 24. But I’m happy to say she kicks ass. I love it when Rick reminds her (and us) that Deanna saw leadership ability in her.

Also deserving of mention are Tom Payne’s eyes.

It led to this conversation with my husband. Me: “He has Jesus eyes!” Bob: “He doesn’t look even a little bit North African. What are you talking about?” Me: “No, I mean Prayer Card Jesus eyes.” Bob: “Oh, well. Yeah.” If you went to Catholic school, you totally know what Prayer Card Jesus looks like, and you know I’m right.

I love it when Rick’s group takes care of business after Ethan stabs Gregory, thus proving that they do have something to trade for food: badassery.


Also, the Richonne feels when that woman attacks Rick and Michonne puts her on her ass with a contemptuous, “Don’t.”


I’m not sure how I feel about Rick’s enthusiasm to take on Negan, because as Maggie says, it’s going to cost them something. But I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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