This week, the Alexandrians attack the Saviors, not just in exchange for food and supplies from Hilltop, but in a preemptive strike. No one wants a repeat of what happened when they were taken unaware by the Wolves, and Rick argues that they have to be the ones to hit first.

It’s not hard to convince the town folk, after the bloodbath they just experienced, except for one voice of dissent. And no, it’s not Gabriel. Morgan argues that they should at least give the Saviors a warning. Which is both compassionate and stupid. Everyone knows the Saviors are bad news. All this morality nonsense is too weighty to wrestle with when 1) starvation is imminent if the Alexandrians do not deliver on their promise to Hilltop, 2) given Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha’s earlier run-in with Negan’s minions, we can assume that the Saviors are not the cuddly sort, and 3) time is a-wasting. Morgan is like that one mom in the PTA meeting who will not stop asking questions even though it’s 9 o’clock and everyone wants to just get the hell out of there. You know what he is? Morgan is a party-pooper. No. He’s an apocalypse-pooper. There, I said it.

The group agrees with Rick. It’s kill or be killed. They have to go after the Saviors. Suck it, moral ambiguity!

Favorite moments:

Carol baking cookies! I mean, come on. Tell me you aren’t dying to try some acorn-beet cookies. Okay, yes, we see from Carol’s diary entry that she’s killed 18 people (how adorable is it that she keeps a diary?), but we need to give mad props to the fact that she is Pinteresting the hell out of the zombie apocalypse. Now, I can’t decide if I’m more in love with Rosita’s tail light necklace or these beet cookies.


It was painful, to see Abraham breaking up with Rosita. I haven’t felt much attachment to Rosita thus far, because her character isn’t really that developed. But her heartbroken, “WHY?” was piercing. I felt that, girl. So much of the life they live now is arbitrary and cruel, but this is bewildering to her. Abraham’s abrupt termination of their relationship is very much in line with his no-bullshit personality, though, and it did give us possibly my favorite Abe-ism so far: “Why are dingleberries brown? That’s just the way shit is.” At least he isn’t stringing her along with false hope? Here’s a line guaranteed to gut your partner like a landed fish: “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You’re not.” OW.


The entire attack on the Saviors’ base was buttock-clenchingly stressful. The fakeout with the false Gregory-head was grotesquely funny, especially when Rick beats up the head to make the nose harder to distinguish.

Particularly touching was the moment when Glenn makes his first human kill. The look of determination and grief on Glenn’s face as he slides that knife into the sleeping Savior’s head is utterly wrenching. And it’s deeply touching when Glenn spares the clearly hesitant Heath from having to do the same. (But also, OMG, Heath, this is no time for soul-searching! MAN UP, DUDE.)

Let’s also backtrack a little so we can give a shoutout to the fact that Carol finally gets laid. At least, that’s what I infer from, “It’s not tomorrow yet.” and the look she gives Tobin after their kiss. Translation: “Get on me.” I also love what Tobin says about Carol being the mother of dragons everyone. Some might find it weird that she bakes cookies AND kills in cold blood, but that’s sort of the epitome of motherhood. You nurture and protect, whatever it takes. #CarolIsMySpiritAnimal


This brings us to Carol’s decision to stay behind with Maggie during the raid. The figurative mother and the literal mother. We learn, as the episode draws to a close, that these two have been abducted. It’s as if Negan’s crew has stolen the heart of the group, and you can see it on everyone’s faces. We’re left to wonder just how many people Negan has out there and where the actual Negan is (since we’ve yet to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Other things:

– The Saviors have disturbing taste in wall art. We know from the comics that Negan likes to use a baseball bat. Are these smashed head photos his work?
– This is the first episode I haven’t actively hated Gabriel.
– If you’re wondering what the song was during Carol’s cookie baking montage, it’s Weeds or Wildflowers by Parsonsfield

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