The Richonne is strong this week, babies. Rick and Michonne are on a romantic, sextastic scavenging mission to collect the guns they promised Jadis, and Rosita continues to be surly in the wake of Negan’s latest visit to Alexandria.

Rick and Michonne are having what I guess we’d call their zombiemoon. Yes, the world is infested with flesh-eating walkers, and they’re about to battle a psychopathic murderer and his army, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to stop for a little hanky panky while you’re amassing your weapons cache. They’re driving around in a love mobile van, scavenging batteries, clothing, canned goods, whatever they can find, as well as the odd gun or two. And they’re making lots of whoopee, which I imagine is harder to do back in Alexandria with Carl and Judith underfoot. It’s weirdly idyllic. They enjoy coffee by the fire on the side of the road, and Michonne gazes fondly at Rick as he dozes while she takes a turn at the wheel. Whenever she suggests that they head back, Rick talks her into staying out just a little longer. They do still need to find more guns, but the main reason seems to be that he is reluctant to return to real life.

Rosita, meanwhile, is walking around Alexandria with what your grandmother would call “a puss.” She is SUPER sulky and negative. Probably because Negan made soup out of Abraham and Glenn and then she failed in her revenge mission and got Olivia killed. (Spencer, too, but I’m fine with that.) Tara attempts to reassure her that they will succeed in fighting Negan, but Rosita just doesn’t see how and she can’t just sit around, so she stalks off, solo, in search of weapons.

Rick and Michonne happen upon an abandoned school carnival. There are rides and game booths, and of course, lots of walkers. There are also armed soldiers (now zombified). This would indicate that at some point, the school was designated as a shelter or evacuation center. Our First Couple of the Apocalypse are in a whimsical mood, still enjoying their time together. Michonne shoots at a target in a game booth with her rifle, and the two of them giggle when she hits it. They’re standing on top of a building, and at this moment, the roof collapses, which makes them laugh even harder. Anyone who pays attention to this show should know that this sort of frivolous attitude always precedes some disastrous shit, because if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that you always take the zombie apocalypse seriously.

Anyway. Rick and Michonne land in some kind of storage area that is full of crates of food. Military style rations and weapons. Jackpot! There’s enough to placate the Saviors and still save some for the upcoming battle. They enjoy a feast of MREs, and Rick is especially excited about the chili mac one, which I can personally tell you from camping experience is pretty danged good. They talk about the future – who should lead the communities after they defeat Negan (Michonne says Rick, of course). This makes me antsy because they’re getting cocky, and we all know what happened the last time they were overconfident.

Back at Alexandria, Rosita confronts Gabriel. She is mad at him because he talked her out of going after Negan (way to take personal responsibility, Rosita), but Gabriel is not trying to hear that. He still thinks it was the right call. Rosita is more valuable to the group alive than off on some suicide mission. Dying is easy.

Remember what I just said about Rick and Michonne being overconfident? They’re very nonchalant as they make plans to take out the walker herd so they can load up the van with the goods. They’re going to roll a car into a gap in the fence to close them in and then they’ll kill them all. Except, the brakes on the car fail and they go rolling right into the middle of the herd, which promptly swarms the car. Rick and Michonne still aren’t freaked out, because whatever, ho hum, they’ve done this a bunch of times. They exit the car and proceed to split up and take out the walkers. It’s during this time that Rick spots a deer (he has this thing where he says he owes Michonne a deer – I guess this is the apocalyptic equivalent of Godiva chocolates). He climbs up the Ferris wheel, trying to get a good shot, while I scream at the TV for him to FOCUS! This is SO not the time!

Alas, Rick does not heed my warning and the Ferris wheel thingy he’s standing on snaps under his weight. He falls to the ground and is overtaken by the walkers. Michonne races over to him but only sees a crowd of walkers feasting. She drops her sword, stricken, and the walkers start heading toward her.

But Rick is not dead! He springs out from a hiding place, picks up her sword, and tosses it to her. Michonne snaps out of her grief, and the two of them make short work of the walkers. Then, they hug. I think we’ve all learned an important lesson here.

On the way back to Alexandria, the mood is different, more somber. Rick tells Michonne that if anything happens to him, she has to be the one to lead everyone. I do not like this talk AT ALL. Plus, I think Maggie should probably be the one to lead.

All in all, Rick and Michonne manage to acquire 63 guns for Jadis. Jadis says she’ll need twice that number. Rick insists on keeping 20 of the guns while they search for more, telling Jadis, “Say yes.” She does.

Rosita makes her way to Hilltop where she finds Sasha at Abraham’s grave. The two of them come to an agreement: they will go after Negan. Sasha’s condition is that she gets to take the shot and they both know it will be a one-way trip. They’re fine with it.

Tara, meanwhile, after some personal debate, seems to have decided to tell Rick about the Oceanside community she discovered a while back, and more importantly, about their stash of guns. She informs Rick that she has something to tell him.

Will the Oceanside ladies join in the fight or will the Alexandrians end up fighting them for their weapons? Will we ever learn why Jadis talks that way and why she sports a bowl cut of doom? Does anyone think Heath might still be alive? We shall see.

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