This week, we learn the state of Maggie’s pregnancy and revisit the Hilltop, where Maggie and Sasha seek refuge. Also: ninja Jesus!

Maggie comes to in room with blue flowers on a bedside table. She’s at Hilltop and Dr. Carson, their resident MD, is taking care of her. She struggles to ask if she lost her baby, but Dr. Carson assures her that despite a placental abruption, all is well. He thinks she should stay at Hilltop for the remainder of her pregnancy.

When Maggie emerges from the medical trailer, Sasha is waiting. She is relieved to hear that everything is ok with the baby. Maggie starts to ask where Glenn is buried, then corrects herself. “Where are they?” Sasha takes her to the spot where Glenn and Abraham are buried. She gives Maggie a pocket watch (belonging to Maggie’s father) that was in Glenn’s pocket. Maggie places it gently atop the grave. Sasha notes wryly that all Abraham had was a cigar. The women are grieving and Sasha says everything feels wrong, but Maggie says, “Not everything.” Jesus arrives and places fresh flowers on the graves. He says that blue flowers are supposed to promote healing, hence the ones by Maggie’s bedside, and that green are to promote release. Maggie can’t help but smile a little.

Then Gregory, the douchey Hilltop leader, arrives. He thought the Alexandrians were supposed to have wiped out the Saviors, but Maggie informs him they were wrong. That what they destroyed was just an outpost and in fact, there are hundreds more Saviors out there. Gregory, in true weasel fashion, freaks right the hell out. He wants Maggie and Sasha GONE. He does not want the Saviors to think that they colluded. “We did,” Sasha reminds him. Gregory is not having it. They can spend the night, but he wants the ladies to leave in the morning. Jesus protests and Gregory asks if he wants to leave with Maggie and Sasha. Warily, Jesus responds, “I’ll take them back.” That’s not what Gregory meant, and Jesus knows it.


Back in Alexandria, Rick is about to go on a scavenging run for the Saviors. Does Carl want to come with? No. He does not. Rick hands Michonne a walkie talkie so she can contact him if she changes her mind and he leans over to give her a peck on the cheek. She grabs him and kisses him full on the mouth. She may not agree with him, but she is still very much with him.

Through the window, Carl sees Enid. She’s literally climbing the walls. She plans to walk to Hilltop to find Maggie. Carl says he’s done saving her. Maggie asks him if locking her in the armory was his way of saving her, and he says yes. She tells him she’s sorry he had to see it (Glenn and Abraham’s deaths), but Carl says he isn’t sorry. He lets Enid go.

At Hilltop, Sasha is trying to figure out how Maggie can stay. Maybe if she leaves and offers to scavenge, she can pay Maggie’s way. She asks Jesus if he thinks Gregory will go for that. He thinks maybe. He hands Sasha Abraham’s necklace, the one made from a shard of brakelight glass, saying he found it. Sasha looks at it and asks Jesus why the Hilltop people burn their dead rather than bury them. He says the point was to keep going. What do they have to remember them by, she wants to know. “Us,” he replies.

On the way to Hilltop, a solitary Enid is beset by a walker, but before she can react, a car crashes into the walker. Carl is at the wheel. She wants to know what he’s doing there, and Carl, Mr. Cool, just shrugs and says he felt like going for a drive. Smooooooth.

During the night, Maggie and Sasha awaken to the sound of music. The Hilltop gates are open and music is blasting from a car. There are fires burning and the light and noise are attracting walkers. They immediately spring into action. Sasha runs to deal with the walkers, and Maggie, perched on the trailer roof, yells for Jesus to go help Sasha. Then she orders two gawking Hilltoppers to close the gate, and they obey. (I like it, Maggie. Way to lead.) While Jesus and Sasha kill the walkers, Maggie crushes the music-blaring car with a giant tractor.


Let’s take a moment here to appreciate the badass ninja skills of Jesus.

Carl and Enid are walking down the road, talking. He needed to see Glenn and Abraham getting killed, he says, because it was important. It’s motivation for him. He finds a backpack by the side of the road that has two pairs of rollerskates. He and Enid put them on. There’s a beautiful, dreamy overhead shot of the two teenagers skating down the deserted highway. They giggle and laugh like the kids we forget they are, and they hold hands. It’s a poignant, beautiful scene.


Meanwhile, Gregory, though grateful for Maggie and Sasha’s help with the walkers, is still unwilling to let them stay. Sasha, desperately asks if there’s any way they can work something out. Gregory creepily stares at her body and suggests that maybe they can discuss it one on one, at which point Maggie tells him to go to hell. We’re saved from further douchebaggery by the arrival of the Saviors. Gregory tells Maggie and Sasha to hide in the closet and maybe they’ll get out of this alive.

Simon, Negan’s right hand man, leads his band of Saviors into Barrington House, Gregory’s swanky Hilltop mansion. He tells Gregory they were behind the walker invasion last night, and that it was meant to be a test. The Saviors were going to swoop in and, well, save them, but instead, the Hilltoppers took care of it themselves, which is impressive. He informs Gregory that the group of Saviors the Hilltop had previously been dealing with have all been killed. Gregory feigns shock. However, Simon, continues, everything is cool because the people who killed those Saviors now work for Negan. Gregory wants Simon to tell Negan that he totally gets it, but Simon tells him that won’t be necessary. “I’m your Negan.”


Simon wants to know if Gregory has anything else to share, and, after hesitating, Gregory says yes. He leads Simon to the closet, while Jesus and the Saviors watch. Jesus shakes his head, but Gregory ignores him. He opens the door to reveal…a case of Scotch. Simon thinks Scotch is gross, but says Negan will love it. He decides he’ll give the Scotch to Negan and take credit for it. Then he orders Gregory to kneel for him, and Gregory does.

Carl and Enid arrive at Hilltop and see the Saviors trucks. Carl says that Negan is not there, and Enid realizes that this has been his mission all along. She tells him that if he succeeds, it won’t help Maggie. She doesn’t want him to go, but Carl is determined. They kiss, and it feels like goodbye. Carl says he’ll see her, but Enid says, no, he won’t.

Gregory is furious that Jesus hid Maggie and Sasha in his bedroom closet. Clearly, that made it harder for him to give them up. Jesus is not having any more of Gregory’s shit. Oh, is he going to be the leader now? Gregory wants to know. No, Jesus says, but neither will Gregory. If Gregory tries any funny business, Jesus will tell everyone about the deal he made with Alexandria and he’ll be in big trouble with the Saviors. To our great satisfaction, Maggie socks Gregory right in the jaw and then retrieves her father’s pocket watch from him. Gregory says it was too nice to be sitting on some grave.

Jesus tells Maggie and Sasha that now he can imagine someone else leading Hilltop. Maggie wants to know who, but Jesus says he’ll tell her later. He and Sasha exchange a meaningful look. Later, Sasha asks Jesus if he can find out where Negan lives. He says he can, since one of the trucks is clearly going back to Negan.

Maggie finds Enid sitting by the graves. She’s put green balloons up. Maggie, Enid, and Sasha have dinner together, joining hands to pray over the food. Maggie gives Enid the pocketwatch, saying she and Sasha don’t need anything to remember the dead by. “We have us.”

Jesus climbs aboard the truck filled with goods for Negan. He swigs from a bottle of Scotch and as he does so, Carl pops up from the back. “Hey.” Jesus looks at him with a half-smile.

Will Carl succeed on his mission? What’s going on with Morgan and Carol? How’s King Ezekiel? We’ll find out more next week.

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